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About Reeny

Somewhere in our lives there are wounds of the heart

In my mid twenties  I wanted to see the world beyond the United States so I packed up and set off  to Australia.  Australia…. humm?   Well it sounds like a good place.  At least they speak English?

As a bit of an  adventurer (and rebel).  I trusted my gut and decided to follow my heart and leave.   It was the right next step for me on my journey.

A new country with no family  and no job — scary — yet I did trust my spirit to make this change work. The biggest challenge that was in front of  me to stay grounded when the going got tough.

Do you every wonder why life throws you challenges beyond any belief?

At 31 my life took a downward spiral.

With a young family and living a very happy life  everything was falling into place. A mystery – my mind, with all going so well, I developed a stage 4 lymphoma diagnosed with 2 weeks to live.

Medical science at the time was not as advanced so I became a trial watching myself be pumped with bags full of chemotherapy.  I came through – my drive to live was stronger!

On the upside it did give me some good down time to reflect on my own life’s journey.

BUT it didn’t get better emotionally!

Suffering for deep depression, possibly from all the changes and disruptions in my life,  I began to live a life of quiet desperation.  The loneliness was often overwhelming .

Family and friends of my youth could never be replaced!

I was desperate to find solutions that would help me, not just temporarily, but permanently.  Taking anti-depressants was not the answer.   There is another way.

My practices as you will see below have moved me away out from this state.

Of course, I did ask the question WHY.  .  When we fight or struggle to the point of desperation and wanting to fit in the world, I lost a sense of myself.

So I took back what was most important to me, my essence,  MY PURPOSE,  my blessing and my mission to become  the BEST of ME.

This was so exciting to me when I learned this that I had to share this with others.  I felt others can gain the strength, determination, confidence, and  attitude that there is nothing that can ever hold us back except ourselves.

( we all have inner wounds so to deny this, if you do, you deny yourself) this  may holding you back leaving you feeling empty and  lost getting nowhere fast)

 The baggage we carry can shows up in many ways BUT whatever it is,  the bags can be emptied and thrown out. 

I am grateful my  life learning and having the opportunity to develop my skills, talents, blessing and gifts to guide others to more peace, joy and happiness.

Your Path to Living with a Full Life

Many people waste hours and thousands of dollars attempting to resolve a specific issue without understanding the relationship of that issue to the whole self  and his or her belief system.

You are  your own healer – remember this.   No one can do it for you but yourself.You are never going to solve your problems in life (cause and effect)  if you are unwilling to look at the cause and transform it.

Most life and business coaches  have not been educated to understand the issues holistically, mentally and spiritually.

Reeny supports her clients to learn from their own experience so they can become the Master of their own Life.

She has been in self development for over 30 years learning from BEST;  insights from Debbie Ford’s Shadow work;  teachings from A Course in Miracles spiritual work; practices from Irmanysyah Effendi Open Heart Transmissions of Grace and Mediation; practices from Brandon Bays.

She is trained as a Counsellor, Coach, Mentor and Healer.  She uses Higher Guidance based method of inquiry; wisdom from the God Code about the power of intention and much more;  practices and insights from Gregg Braden-‘The Divine Matrix and The Moses Code;  practices from Tim Kelley’s Creating from Higher Guidance and healing practices understanding of the chakras and our higher selves.

Reeny is accomplished as Reiki Tummo Master and Intuitive Healer, Time Line Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Voice Dialogue Practitioner and EFT (Emotional Freedom) and Higher Guidance Coach incorporating these and many other methods she has learned from her own coaches and mentors.

She does not recite a script when coaching as she channels her own Higher Guidance. During your sessions, you won’t even realize that Reeny is drawing from all of these approaches because she seamlessly integrates all of it into one holistic system that works much faster than any one of the methods by itself.

Heart to Soul Healing

Inner Voice, Silently Nudging You , Whispering that Won’t Let you Be

The reason is  traditional practices can really slow down the healing process of a session, particularly if you are a sensitive em-path,  is they seem to be too mechanical and clunky.

Spiritual Life Coaching at the highest level is very fluid intuitive approach.

What we needs is a fearless heart and living a life from higher divine guidance.  It does  take time as some of her own mentors have taught her.  But well worth it!

When you awaken your heart, embrace your higher true (soul) purpose, removing any, if all, the resistances towards manifestation magically life transforms itself.  The key is to have the  patience and perseverance to maintain the ups and down that all  lead to living a life of purpose.

If you sign up for private coaching with Reeny and you’re already familiar with energy coaching or any of the other work Reeny does you’ll notice that she has mostly stopped using many of the “formal practices” that are used in traditional coaching.

Wherever you are just know one thing, that whatever you do  it must always be congruent with your goals, values, gifts, talents, skills,  passion and purpose…where there is an unwavering commitment to continually for you  pave it forward.

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