Abundance or Lack? You choose!

23 March

Independence Day

My relationship to money has – for a long while – been one of abundance and expectation.

In a previous article,  I told you about my friend whose belief in lack and limitation held her back, even though she didn’t know clearly what she believed deep down, subconsciously.

Those feelings and beliefs weren’t always alive in her mind. But they were alive in her subconscious, where she wasn’t aware of them on a regular basis.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that we all carry subconscious beliefs that we aren’t aware of – or if we are, we don’t think about them too much. Sometimes because we’d just rather not and sometimes because we’re just not aware they exist.

I know I struggle with those beliefs.

For me, they’re not so much about money.

I expect money to be readily available to me and it (mostly!) always has been. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money and I don’t come from a family that was well-off.

But I’ve always been a little different than my family.

After all, I’m the one that ventured far from my home in the United States at a young age on an adventure to Australia. I’m still on that adventure decades later! I broke the mold in many ways.

We all have our challenges and though money hasn’t been my big issue, it is for many of my clients.

Women deal with shifting roles in the workplace and in the family and our own beliefs are always competing with the media image of happiness and perfection.

But what do you want for yourself?

What do you value most and care about?

Does your business provide you with happiness and stability?

Would it be more fulfilling if you earned more yet you’re in conflict with how you can do that – even whether you should?

If so, you’re not alone.

Even if you’re ‘friendly’ with money and don’t have big money issues you’re aware of, if you’re not making enough of it, there’s something ‘gumming up the works’.

Something in the way of all the money in our abundant universe flowing in your direction – easily and happily. You offer value to the world and money is the way that value is acknowledged. It is that simple. But often the path to realizing the financial abundance you want is strewn with obstacles.

Sometimes the obstacles are of your own creation, sometimes they’re land mines planted by someone else – family of origin, spouses, friends, colleagues….

You can remove them if you see them.

My work is to help you see clearly what’s in your path, so you can easily – and permanently – remove the obstacles to greater peace.  This is where all success is certain.

Liberate Your Heart’s Longing to Live a Life On Purpose and Your Success will be Certain

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