three principles to assist in surrendering and quieting the mind. awareness acknowledge acceptance

Acceptance Truth Joy Peace

When i took a break I did this by listening to my heart’s desire to quite the mind.  The sense of this direction was asking me to be free, without hindrance.  Without acceptance to break free, I would never know.

It was the ‘me time’ to PAUSE and listen quietly to my truth. my mystical adviser.

Now I am off PAUSE.

After attending a spiritual retreat where I focused on opening my heart greater to our divine source, I came home fully alive and inspired.  Then this question came so unexpectedly and without reason.

What do you truly desire?

Well, I had to think about this and hard.    I felt I had done enough decision making and taking inspired action to raise the bar for myself.  In doing so, I could have the freedom to travel and work from anywhere I please.  However, it wasn’t the answer!

What transpired, my reason for going in to business was to have financial freedom and more choice.  Guess What(!)  My answer was Nope(!)

This didn’t sit well either.  I have the penthouse, travel overseas twice a year, cruise the Mediterranean, drive a BMW, earn a great income, and YET felt at a loss to what my answer could be.

What most aspired has appeared into my life. Still, there was a missing piece.  May  I was missing an internal balance?  For instance, is my path of seeking greater joy and happiness it? Maybe?  And if so, how do I do this let alone?  Explain this?   How is happiness communicated the experience is different for everyone one of us?

How do we find happiness?

For anyone who has not experienced the greatest joy happiness — the lightness and calm, where does one start?

How does one gain that internal trust — a knowing without doubt or glimmer of disbelief?

Our lives are so ingrained with taking  actions securely mapped out trying to manifest what we believe is necessary to live a happy fulfilled life.  In essence, what happens,  we try to control every moment out of safety borne out of our ego.

Questing happiness, the busy-ness  is where we become lost.  Uncertainty is where we begin to question.

Is this all there is?

There comes a time where the soul needs to shut out the noise and listen to the quiet with acceptance. It is here where the Divine can give us its best guidance to experience joy and calmness.   It is a process of letting go of the voices in our heads.  To surrender (the vulnerability that most of us avoid) with total acceptance.

Here are three principles to assist in surrendering and quieting the mind.

Awareness begins with knowing yourself – it requires a deep search into who you are and what you have to offer.   It progresses through a deepening sense of appreciation, respect, and gratitude for YOU.

Acknowledgement that it whatever is shown that it is okay(!)   It is always okay without judgement or scrutiny.

Acceptance of who you are with respect and gratitude – by accepting the anguish and vulnerability – only then can we offer a gift that is both accepted and appreciated.

When this happens all conflict will fall away in every decision, each thought, each activity…. where you longer are making decisions from an ego place that keeps us separate.  Instead, everything begins with and ends here.   Doubt is no longer a part or a choice.   One becomes one’s truth. You become aligned and your truth is centered.  It is here you will find your answers.

This has been difficult for me because the answers are not always the ones I want to hear.  They are meant to be heard.  With acceptance and surrendering – truth will be heard.    And in this there is truth, joy and happiness.