limiting beliefs valuesWhat are limiting beliefs?  Think of your beliefs and values as a tree. The values form the stable trunk and the beliefs are the fruit. Sometimes the fruit is fresh and bright and nutritious, sometimes it rots and falls off the tree and is no longer appetising. Every now and again, it’s worth giving the branches a good shake so that old and unwanted beliefs fall to the ground” (Molden & Hutchinson: Brilliant NLP)

Are Limiting Beliefs Getting in Your Way?

I certainly have been dealing with some deep rooted limiting beliefs that have been restricting me this week. Sometimes is just seems so hard with all the tasks that have to be done – and why would I want to continue to keep doing this when it takes so much time out of my day.

We all have some belief that may be holding us back and yet there are vows we make too.  These are deeper beliefs that sometimes all you want to do is hide under your duvet and pretend the world will go away.  Or maybe you return to that boring job, or a familiar and comfortable way of living.   It is easier just so you do not have to face your fears.

Luckily for me, these feelings always diminish after a couple of days and it’s as though I reach a new level of me each time as I have learned to use tools at EFT and NLP to assist me on my journey, and of course, have my own coach to guide and push me along the way.

I know that working through my limiting beliefs has brought me closer to my long term goals as I reach a new level of freedom.

You may ask what is a limiting belief and how do you recognise those limiting beliefs that may be setting you back?

Do you ever hear yourself saying?

  • I Can’t’ – ‘People should’ – ‘They don’t want’ – ‘Everyone/no one thinks’ Here are a few classic examples:
  • I can’t earn the money I want – People never listen to me – I am not good enough
  •  There are too many people in my type of business, so why bother? – I can’t be a leader – what do I have to offer?

These are just a few simple statements (or continuous thoughts) that will usually stand in our way.

You may have heard this all before, but beliefs are those stubborn little buggers, defying the most rigorous logic and keeping us back from success that we so richly know we deserve.

How do I identify a limiting belief?

A single belief really just represents a small part of the kaleidoscope pattern and is more than likely part of a cluster of other similar beliefs. Problem is, in the extreme, a cluster of limiting beliefs can lead into a whole host of unpleasant areas, including phobias, blaming others, procrastination, anger and low-self esteem.

Not good if you want to experience all the amazing things in the life and reach your full potential. What is certain is that being in control of your own kaleidoscope is absolutely the ‘key to YOUR successes.

Most often than not, your beliefs are not even yours but someone else’s that we have adopted from our childhood, and media.  As a consequence of continuous thought and discussion these limiting beliefs are often difficult to recognise. This is why it is so important to keep away from negative chatter and negative news. Otherwise your reality will be full of limiting beliefs just lining up outside your door.

So how do you shake the old leafs of your tree?

Whenever you hear yourself stating the limiting belief that is still desperately hanging onto your tree, despite wind and rain, there are 3 steps to take that you can use to change these unhelpful beliefs ?

  • Identify the belief – ‘I am not good enough’
  • Ask yourself where did this come from – is it you or someone elses belief.
  • Reframe the belief – Even though sometimes I feel that I am not good enough, know enough, and who would want to work with me, I choose to value and accept me for who I am and what I can bring to my work because I have everything within me now.

Take Action!

As you know, insight without action won’t do much to help you change.

So in the comments below, start taking action by telling me two things:

  1. Which limiting beliefs do you notice slamming a door shut in your life?
  2. Is there a limiting belief that you know how and when it was formed for you

The clue is to be ‘persistent and consistent’.

Do this exercise for the minimum of 90 days! Watch what happens.

For fuller integration working with an EFT practitioners can assist you to permanently remove those unwanted, stuck beliefs that can hold you back.

p.s.s Want help changing beliefs?  Working with a coach can make huge difference in how quickly and easily you make those changes.

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