Worrier or Warrior Your Choice!

17 August

warrior worrierWorrier or Warrior?

When you really sink into the idea we have power is where we have choice.

But more often than not there is potentially the danger where most of us run on autopilot not being in the present, going through our days operating on the patterns of the past

The aim of this article is for you to learn how to take to pieces that are inefficient, un-resourceful and getting in your way stopping you from taking opportunities that show up.

When we charge after a goal or putting in all the stops to create a project driven by a strong desire and intent every so often we hit a roadblock.

All the resistance of we can’t shouldn’t; don’t want to; appear putting the brake- on.

What are you telling yourself?

Typically we run over those inner voices and push through with our will.

This is what we have been taught and at times is the only way out.  This tip is to bring in another level into partnership with your will.

You have the power to choose how you relate to something good or bad.  You’re the key to breaking this cycle.  Ignoring these voices will permeate unconsciously which often sabotaging any success in the outcome.

I know this feeling well.

I have been trying to get a project done for three months, many of you who have been informed of my program “rewrite your money story” and it still sits within me for whatever reason.  So now it has come to choose a direction and work out what is the ‘brake’ in all this.

My experience tells me I keep holding to a secondary gain of worry anxiety and fear my project mainly because I am weighing it up against fears or failure of the past or alternatively the unknown from other situations of what  I may want but already proven to myself of being  a failure-  so why bother

So I now decided to put the medal to the pedal and tale some serious mental discipline (which I find difficult being so much of a creative person).

So can you do this to?

The key is to take each situation at a time and use some mental discipline of the  experience from the past says t something and then evaluate how you are relating to those experiences and what you have learned from them.

Learn from this the wisdom so you can take what you can and  then move it into a desire to go forward.

History does not have to repeat itself.

You have choice!

♥Look at what is facing you right now what you want to accomplish.

♥Now decide am I going how this may not work?

♥I am going to worry about going forward the humiliation and failure if this doesn’t work?

There is always the potential of everything going wrong– should I –could I do that— destroy the potential of what could happen or am I going to do something different.

Am I going to look at this project, vision goal as an opportunity to be someone additional – we are adding our the value of who we have been and done things in the past and through part of ourselves away of the actions and beliefs  all the decisions that hold you back this is done!

Don’t let it hold you!

Embrace the you who you are always been, and add on a layer of wisdom and intuition; new learning; new skills; new attitudes; new perspective.

Look at a project or  goal  say to yourself this is an opportunity -do I want this opportunity; what do I love about this new opportunity.

Sometimes I have learned do I have to keep learning lessons why can’t I just have the life that currently is running so smoothly at the moment.

You can; however sometimes this approach must be put into

Our job is to look at a situation as a situation as an opportunity understand that we clearly that we have the opportunity to look at a grander sense of self or say STOP

You have the opportunity to try on a new way of doing things; stimulate your mind nervous system our life’s career fund relationship recreation spiritual dive into something new

AN opportunity  to go beyond our sense of self limitation and self determined limiting beliefs that really strangle us and destroy our sense of wonder and risk taking and doing something in a way that other did not expect of us

These are the opportunities we have within us to grow forward and are in a new position of accepting or we can go into a downward spiral of worry or we can find value in taking on the perspective looking through the lens this is an opportunity

Opportunity has a doorway swings into new behaviours and new experience and new attitude to trial and error.  The permission to have trial and error is what we seek.  The attitude that something has failed has to continue.

We know as painful as things are when we are able to detach, revaluate eventually you will find the gifts that the challenge past has afforded us.    If and when e are able to detach you will see the gift in the wings

Look at an outcome you want and make a list of all the new requited to do this; all the new gifts and talents that will be activated when you do this then determine what action steps that are useful to allow you to manage and embody of the new behaviour beliefs decisions community’s relationships and take all to now treat yourself into your new You.

Before you step into an opportunity look at the worry and how it drains you and ask if this is how you want to feel; and if you don’t then you thought then goes to opt what are my opt here and make a tonne.

Plan for the review; journal the new life you are claiming the new you- you are becoming the new rewards and riches freedom love and ownership that is part o the new you.  The new you then lock it in package it with a bow visualising multisensory details touch feeling thought smell of the life you now have because you have chosen an opportunity.

Go into future pacing projecting into the future with time line.

This is opportunity in full spectrum when you look at the past and things did not work well don’t through time out as they are valid; take the valuable lessons gained and bring into present time back off and push away the energy and emotion and thought that hold you back and look at the new you that is being crafting from choosing opt or worry

Open to your creative genius; your own purpose   that is your and yours alone.

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