21-06-10 Cause I´d Rather Pretend I´ll Still Be There At The End ~ Explored #1Taking your passion out into the world to create a lifestyle you want takes a particular type of mindset.  Self defeating mindsets often get in the way with objections and fears.

There are so many things to be fearful of when you’re expressing your passion: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of loss, fear of being seen, fear of rejection, and fear of asking for money.  And then the moment of truth when you get to where you want to go often there is no money, no time, no skills to transform your business, no assistance, no support. So you don’t (or can’t) move forward on your dreams because you’re stuck.

When you start, it takes audacity and you have to be willing to take action with no guarantees of success.  You have to be willing to put all your heart and soul out into the world, ground it for what it is, and have the willingness to eliminate the negative beliefs and thinking that gets in your way.  You have to be willing to dream big dreams, be focused, learn new ways of doing things and have the guts to put it all into action.

On top of all that, you need the type of boldness that says, “If I don’t do this, I will have failed.”  It takes energy, focus and accountability to succeed on your own terms, and to be willing to ask for help or assistance when you need it.

To live the path of least resistance, take audacity and inner work!  Do you have the audacity to face your fears and keep walking towards your passion anyway? 

Do you have the strength and pride to act on your business in a consistent and responsible way, on a daily basis, without moaning  behaviors that hold you back in self-defeating way? 

Do you have the courage muscle to set that big goal, go after it sticking to action plans that stretch and challenge you, that will propel you forward knowing that you have no guarantees?

“Wish will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire those riches, and backing them with plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring you riches” Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

Path of Least Resistance is Acceptance

Every person I have worked with feels these fears at one time or another.  The next time you hear yourself saying, “I’m afraid,” reply with a knowing smile and say to yourself, “This is Normal”  Then, summon up that well of bravery within you and take responsibility to create the life and business you’ve always dreamed of.

I have been  coaching women for some time now. They are often lost, so busy and overwhelmed often not knowing where to start and even when they do start they are spending more time in the business then on their business.

If you don’t have that type of audacity, to Become a Bigger Version of You – to Speak Up for Who you Are, you probably shouldn’t be in business in the first place.  Being in business is about challenging yourself and the world.  It’s not about taking the easy way out; it’s about building the inner self confidence, to come out of hiding and step out into the world in a much bigger way that will give you a sense of self-fulfillment and success in your business.