Oh my gahThere are so many programs and ideas out there competing for our attention, promising to make it easy, hydraulic and sure-fire.  Like me, you probably have  followed some of those programs and ideas and found that it just didn’t fit the mold; it might be right for someone else but didn’t exactly work for you.

Truth is – you are the source of your own ideas and possibilities. Your inner source of wisdom is there to guide  you to walk your path, letting it unfold the way it is meant to for you, without control, being vulnerable, which is very different to what you have been taught.  We ignore it – too busy – too lazy – too confrontational; too hard.

And is so different from everyone else’s path so why would you want to do that.  It is easier, of course! Let’s just get on with it!  You know this; it is just not perfect for you yet you do it anyway. 

It’s pretty hard to see your place in the world and what you can actually attract into it.   It is often harder then to understand yourself then those of others. When you know yourself and your place in the world , in your field of expertise, in your life you know then that you are good enough to stand apart from others in true confidence.

The journey of exploring your true purpose, and not an easy fabrication of purpose; you can begin to position yourself with confidence knowing that what you do will bring to you those people best suited to work with you.  Yes marketing and messaging is important; but this time you can know what, how and whom from a deeper perspective.

To know yourself and trust yourself and to stand in that POWER; to come forward is extremely rewarding and makes everything so much more exciting and meaningful.  Because you know the Why! 
For example, I have created some incredible programs, have written and then worked and re-worked them so they’re exactly as I want them. All during that time I had two conflicts that kept resurfacing.

  • The first was an urge to get everything out NOW and quickly; and
  • The second was the conflict I felt about putting things ‘out for sale’ and being pushy or in your face.

My journey has been a miss-match of good and bad actions along the way; and too egotistical to never admitting to my mistakes, nor the money spent, coupled with exhaustion and stress.    I know the saying there are no failures only feedback –but when you are in it, you cannot see the wood from the trees!

Now I totally understand the more my work is in harmony with my true purpose, values and core beliefs, the more I flow in peace and abundance, and the more people are aligned with what I represent, they equally have been drawn to me, MAGICALLY!   It’s almost like I have to let go from that firm grip on what was supposed to happen to now what is expected of me in this lifetime. And, just like the rest of life, this new journey has been filled with joy and sometimes overlaid with frustration too.

However, I believe now, more fully than ever that when you connect to the truth of who you are and the heart of what you represent, the answers are always there.My best advice from this long and powerful journey:

  • Listen for the truth as it is spoken – silently, within.
  • It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not!
  • Establish your own personal view of success; not that of others.

Your strength is in knowing yourself and believing it!