I´ll Give You All I Can...

Are You Ready to Receive?  Are you really asking for God’s healing help?

So many times as we are going through life, we have dreams, visions, and thoughts of what we think we want; or how we would like life to be. We think wouldn’t it be wonderful if this one thing happened?

We wonder what do I need to do to make something work in my life? We ask for help over and over again trying to find that thing that is going to propel us right into that dream.

When you point your attention toward your guides, God, spiritual director,  whomever you call this, are you really ready to receive for the asking?

♥Do you trust the spiritual universe enough to make yourself open to the inflow of the new?

♥Are you really open to receive, uncluttered of block and beliefs that may hold you back?

♥What do you fear that keep your heart closed to spiritual inflow?

♥Are you really ready and willing to open yourself up vulnerability and all to the unknown?

And let me ask you, are you really clear on what you asking for and what things do you want to happen?

If you are given  the opportunity that would change your life and let you live your dream tonight, would you say YES, and put it into motion even if you had to start it tomorrow?

I ask these questions because the planets are shifting and changing right now.

Many of the intense influences that have been putting things on hold are in the process of releasing into opening doors on a big level. The tensions are giving way to peace, serenity, and excitement.

The universe is ready to give you what you want; but are you ready to receive it?

I have recently experienced this very thing and in a matter of one week my whole life has changed. I am still working with all that I am receiving; and I have so much appreciation and gratitude  at the same time.

This brings me to another aspect of where even for those that are ready to receive; make certain you are taking the time to appreciate all that you are receiving in that moment, especially if it is coming in such a grandiose way that it could be overwhelming or requiring lots of action very quickly.

So get ready things are ready to happen for you. Just Ask and be willing to be healed and keep your heart open to the all-powerful and all-wise.

It is the time for opening to new pathways and experiences that are coming upon us, this is a time of being uplifted.

Receiving and appreciating your openness to everything is yours to do.  This is where faith comes in and the act of surrender requires us to feel enough trust in our hearts toward the source of the inflow of God’s healing help.

Welcome all new opportunities as they come to you with gratitude,   and taking them up.   There is a reason they have showed up for you.

As Joe Vitale says:

♥What is your vessel that is coming into your life?

♥Are you ready for an unexpected abundance or sudden manifestation of a long awaited dream?

♥Are you ready to act now if something really big comes your way?