Lumen ChristiThe last few blogs have been on purpose expressed through our divine calling.  You see that as an expression of who you are of which is centered on, and comes from the core of you – your heart energy.

Your heart is the most powerful of magnet in the world.  It is the magnet of the subconscious and it will attract or detract what you want.

We – all of us – are great manifestors, creating our own experience, whether we are conscious of doing so or not. We get what we focus on which is why we must be careful guardians of our minds, our hearts, our feelings and particularly our thoughts. It doesn’t mean we create negativity, it just means we need to be conscious of what we choose to focus on.

Have you ever had the experience of watching the news and feel a strong and perhaps unexpected emotional attachment to an event? You find yourself feeling troubled and you reflect on what you saw, you can’t seem to shake it.

Maybe you have a strong negative experience where you felt angry about the economy or a particular financial situation. Next you notice that you become more negative about the economy, you can’t stop thinking about it and things just seem to get worse.  It seems that now the news event is like a prophecy, predicting the future and making it worse.

You were just watching, an innocent bystander on autopilot and everything just happened. But did it really? Or were you focused on the negative and drawing it to you, even without realizing it?

If you are disturbed by an event and then you focus on it, the event becomes reality and all the attention you give to it serves to magnify it in your experience. What if you were to watch the event unfold, learn about it and offer your blessings instead? What if you pictured a solution and the economy turning around all while giving thanks for the abundance you do experience, right now in your life? There’s always something you can find to be grateful for and YES it does change your state of mind.

So what are you grateful for today? I am grateful for the ability to share information with you; to be in a loving and lasting relationship; to be a part of a group of beautiful minded people; to see my son growing and prospering into a beautiful young man; and to be able to work with some amazing women across the world who want to make a difference.

This and more can change you view of how you look at the world.  Too often as I mentioned before, we look for the worse not the good.  We cannot blame the economy or any other external force for what goes on in our life.

Change your state of mind and be aware of how you look at the world.

You can change the state by going inside your heart and asking, is this beneficial for me. With that open heart you bring good to the you firstly, and then to the world –your own experience shifts and so does the experience of the people you come in contact with. Be a conscious positive force.

You’ll be happier, you’ll feel better and you may just manifest more in your life as a result.