The Need for Answers

Sometimes I hear from people that spiritual beliefs cannot align with their business beliefs and so they have difficulty promoting their business agenda and making a real go of what they set out to achieve in business.

I understand the conflict and I’m here to tell you that by digging deeper, you can resolve the conflict you have between making money, running a business and doing good in the world.

I believe money is simply a form of energy and it empowers us to be more of who we are. Good people who have money help others and can change the world for good. Power hungry greedy people with money just have more ability to abuse their power and not share their good.

Money in and of itself has no power, but in the right hands it can do untold good. And people like you who are big-hearted and open-minded support local and ultimately global change are people who should be making money and using that money to live well and help others.

Let’s talk about the ‘live well’ piece. I’m not talking about living in a huge house and having more things. I’m not talking about using unreasonable amounts of resources and taking up more than you fair share of what life has to offer. I’m talking about being comfortable and happy, not stressed and potentially compromising your health because you’re always worried.

Once you are well taken care of and provided for, you can think bigger, you can think outside the box and start doing more good for others. When you do not have, our safety needs met first, it is impossible to have success in other areas. Your wellbeing has to come before your ability to do anything for others and when you are constantly struggling to get your bills paid and are in conflict about your place in the world, you have no peace and in effect, you are contributing to negativity.

I know, that may seem an odd perspective, but I believe in order to thrive and be part of a sustainable, thriving world, we need to contribute first by being happy, content, and secure. Being in business and offering genuine value, providing a service you love and believe in is the first step toward that goal.

Next, is believing that you are contributing to the wellbeing of others. What would be the exchange you would get for that? Money =Energy.

The ability to turn around and do more good for others by spending that money to help others and sustaining other businesses, families, and people who believe in what you do would then be served.

Do you see how your business contributes to the greater good? You owe it to yourself and to the world at large to shine brightly, doing what you do best.