Application, disciplines and happy and positive thoughts (intention)Aligning your attitude

Have you ever heard the expression ‘open at the top’? It means many things – and probably different things to different people.  Think of it as being open, receptive – having a trusting and allowing attitude. Going to the best thought instead of the worst or most negative.

Do you know that feeling when you’re ‘in the zone’ – it could be in anything in life, a conversation, a business meeting, a feeling of being in the right place, fulfillment. It’s filled with a wisdom, a knowing, a feeling of belief.  You feel expansive, open, everything seems possible and life feels good.  You’re on purpose and happy.

When this happens, you are in alignment with your purpose and your desires. When you have a match between what you want, who you’re being and how you’re behaving or moving in the world, you feel a sense of balance and freedom.

The great news is done deliberately and by choice. It might be incrementally and step by step. But as you make the conscious decision and move toward your goals and dreams with purpose and passion you feel like yourself, you feel fulfilled and you realize that you’ve aligned your attitude with your application. That means your intentions align with your actions which change your outcomes and your results.

Aligning  your Attitude

It takes courage to live on purpose. It takes courage to ignore the voices of fear and doubt that rear their ugly heads – and yes, we ALL have them! It takes discipline and commitment. You  know, I believe that it’s the most important work we can do. When you commit to being the guardian of your thoughts and actions, when you do everything on purpose according to what you truly want and really believe, things have and ease and a flow that moves you gently along (sometimes powerfully along!) in a state of enjoying your life and achieving exactly what you want.

In this process it’s important to not get attached to outcomes. They don’t always look like we imaging or show up as we believe they should, or will.  If you aim to see the good in everything, you’ll find more happens that aligns with feeling good, then more happens that delivers you to your goals and desired outcomes.  Ultimately, you’ll find that you’re living a life you enjoy because you’ve carefully aligned your attitude and your application. It may seem like work at first, but it will get easier and become a way of life and it will bring more good. Think of it as a discipline, and with practice it will become a joy. It will change everything – and for the better.

If you are holding back to the level of the lowest common denominator you will never experience abundance.

Whatever it is, these resistances are just a start.  Acknowledge them and let them go.