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Savor Solitude Reflect and Remember You

13 March

“She savored her few hours of freedom and solitude.” When we get stressed things often appear to be worse than they actually are. This feeling of being unsettled and unbalanced is the beginning step when you can begin to reflect and remember. Give yourself the chance to understand and learn through solitude. WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL  UNSETTLED? ♥What or why you are you feeling […]

Must I be Completely Original to Have True Purpose?

06 March

Did you ever feel frustrated because it feels like everything has already been done and realized by someone else? Do you feel like you don’t know where or how to carve out your space in your niche, your business, your life? I think it has partly to do with social media, partly to do with […]

Heart vs Rational in Business Thinking

20 February

Sometimes I feel the tremendous excitement working in such an trans-formative time, where business ideas and personal development are running parallel. It seems the idea of how to think and how to ‘arrange’ our reality through rational thinking determines our success and ultimately the  results of this planning are what is norm a –mainstream approach. It is working? Probably Not! […]

Aligning Your Attitude and Application Changes Everything

13 February

application, disciplines and happy and positive thoughts (intention) Have you ever heard the expression ‘open at the top’? It means many things – and probably different things to different people.  Think of it as being open, receptive – having a trusting and allowing attitude. Going to the best thought instead of the worst or most […]

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Think Yourself Free

06 February

Isn’t it funny how what you focus on is what manifests in your life?  Think about it for a minute. If you think about lack and limitation and your frustration with the lack in your life, does anything change? No. Do you feel good? No. Do you feel frustrated and stuck? Most likely you do. […]

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