Asking the Right QuestionsThis is about change and the struggle we go through when we feel out of sorts, in the dark, no longer belonging, or there is some aspect of our life that no longer fits. Something is not working, is out of balance, is seeking to be ‘righted’.

We must accept that there is always struggle to control outcomes. When any aspect of our lives change, we feel out of control and our instinct is to get back in control and as quickly as we can. It’s human nature. And yet….

Letting go and making room for – and accepting – what we feel, even the unpleasant or difficult feelings, sensations, urges – allows them to pass through us instead of become us. Let the feelings come and go and observe them rather than fight or resist them. Let them be and don’t attach any significance to them. That can be hard, but the more you can observe instead of fight, the easier it will be to relax into what’s next without worry or stress.

I think the best way to picture this is to imagine quicksand. The more you struggle, the more you sink and fall into the pit. It’s only by getting still that you have hope of rescue.

The more you are willing to open to the feelings and let them pass through while accepting they are just that feelings – they are not who you are – the more you will be able to shift into the next stage of your life, which is probably way more comfortable.

Lao Tzu is quoted as saying:
“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

I don’t think there’s really any better way to put it. And, just as he states and accepts that as reality, so should we. Only when we allow ourselves to open to options, to experiencing the feelings without condemning them, can we shift our thinking and change our perspective, feelings and beliefs.

In the A Course In Miracle it says “when we defend or control – we attack ourselves”.  The fear of not knowing everything and every action to take can be our demonstration of fear. A fear of have to have it right. 

In business we plan, yet planning can be seen as a form of control – defending ourselves from any risk or change.  You want the future to happen just the way you plan yet you also  take with that the past experiences good or bad with you.  You can miss out on the sense of your inner voice – your inner wisdom with so much noise in this avoidance of openness. 

What you feel, what you know – your inner wisdom – there is just beneath the surface that sense of busy-ness. The busy-ness of your mind, of your day, of all there is to do. And, it’s all there going on, so you can’t ignore it and make it go away.

So why not try embracing the moment? Do you have a need to seek to be right?

Get inquisitive and ask questions and see what’s bubbling there, underneath it all?  Open to the possibility there may be another way.

There lies your way out. Letting your inner compass spin toward inquiry instead of control. Accept and lean into what you feel and you just might find you know not only what you want, but what you need and what the next step is.

Say to yourself:

I accept these new feelings

I do this now with ease and grace

I accept myself with love and gratitude

And so it is. And so you are.

Peace and Love on Your Journey.