flatteryFlattery and recognition continues as an important driving force in our lives as adults.

However, I want to suggest that if you can learn to ‘be your own best friend’ and give yourself praise when it’s merited.  You get the same satisfaction and then begin to build your confidence in the bargain. It’s kind of the ultimate ‘love win-win’. Interestingly too – when you learn to do that for yourself, you will be more able to do it for others.

Sometimes creating your own positive experiences and ‘approval voice’ is like laying down the road-map to your destination. Sometimes it looks like you’re just laying down the sidewalk – unrolling it as you go, so you’re paving each next step doing what’s right in front of you to do. Here’s the good news – when you do that, you’re walking the path of your destiny. That’s how it works! Really, plain and simple.

Do you need flattery?

You DO NOT need to know what other says.  Nor the entire journey and what it looks like before you embark on that first step. Sometimes the doing is what informs the journey. We tempt ourselves to want to know it all before we begin. The problem that we don’t get started!

And, you do want to learn to do this for yourself. If you rely on praise and recognition coming only from other people, then you are in fact resisting owning your own power. The problem with this path is that you it keeps you unconsciously diverging away from the path to manifesting your truest desires – the truths that drive you, that are yours alone – whether or not you know exactly what they are yet.

In fact, struggling to get the recognition and flattery is senseless.  As well as trying to be like everyone else takes your power away – which you could interpret as knowing the journey before it’s begun – is a very ineffective way to keep yourself clear and away from your connection with your inner truth.

Rose color glasses

See the world for what it is.  When you allow yourself to step into your own true self and  to stand strong and be open, you will tap into your inner power  – a confidence that has its own magnetic energy.

I truly believe these are the times to push ourselves forward. As you know, the glass can be always half full or half empty. It’s really up to you. It’s a choice, a decision. Every time. Yes, every time. You can’t control what happens, but you can be vulnerable to what opens to you as possibilities.

You often will find your truth show up in how you seek to see it,  think and feel about it and how you want it to be.   Waiting for others to give you the feedback to feel certain about what you do is crazy.

Think positively about your own truth and take charge for you and no one else.    Your outcomes will be the mirror of what you represent. I promise to you  this to be true.