PatienceMany of the people in the holistic areas have the great intentions of doing the work of what they love to do but are failing to attract the money they want in their business.

They are passionate about their business, loving what they do but are empty?

Doing what you love – you often will tell yourself that being a healer, artist, coach, counselor or other service professional that you want to help heal the planet.   BUT in doing so, you actually have to starve myself because the idea of Money and Spirit often don’t mix.

I want to you know that you can release this belief very fast as it is very demoralizing.

TO work hard and to not pay your bills is so demoralizing.  But what is it that stop you from getting past this ..?  Your Beliefs about being good enough, deserving enough and the list goes on and on it goes…

Reflect on what is holding you back from creation of your holistic business.

So many of  my clients decided at some point in time, find challenges  that hold them back.   Even with all the skills and knowledge cannot get over,  under and  around the blocks and revert to doing this on your own.

But can you see the blind spots???

We all need some support in this process of growing a holistic business to transform the planet, making a difference.

I cannot recommend highly enough to get some support along your journey.  Trust me….. I have my own coach and mentor and have had for some time to help me grow my own business and also to push through the roadblocks.

Your higher purpose is to become a part of the bigger picture of life.  It will guide and support you giving  you answers efficiently and quickly

Get some support to help you get through the road blocks,  obligations, have some quiet time for yourself.  Start to decode what is holding you back.

Yes patience and faith are critical to you succeeding BUT and the BIG BUT what if you could get answers that are clear and certain and know how to shift the energy that is resisting.

Remember what you love you and get excited about,  who you are in that enthusiasm is the seed to where you will find what lights you up inside.

Be guided have patience,  plan and give the rest to your higher guidance.