VulnerableHave you noticed that others are often the most beautiful and lovable when they’re vulnerable?

Not vulnerable to attack, but sharing of themselves in an open and honest way.

Don’t you feel like leaning in when someone is hurting or in pain or sharing their frustration or hurt? When they’re being open and telling what is true for them?

Recognize that my journey the challenges the wonderful moments are a gift of inspiration perspective and motivation to others – some want to hide and not let other know what I am going through – you need to trust the information given – others have their own pain – always check in with intuition to feel safe when community when discussing personal things – people have their own wounds and their own pain, journey is a flight of respect and motivation something inside needs to hear my journey may feel some relaxation; some feeling they will get through the other side because you did, this could bring such joy or freedom to others. clear your journey will know what is going on – some sort of feeling that we will get through because I did – may just the thing that may bring   Don’t hide just be discerning

It’s because all our challenges – and our successes – are gifts of inspiration, of love.

When you can communicate and be with others in that authentic place where you care enough to say what you really feel, without editing and without hiding, you feel empowered, even in pain.

Our tendency is to hide and not let others know what we’re going through. We don’t want to be a burden and we certainly don’t want to feel embarrassed – and we resist feeling vulnerable. Why is that?

Yet we all feel it and if we turn to our intuition, we know instinctively who we can trust, who we can and should share with.

We recognize the pain others’ experience and if we can allow them to feel that pain and vulnerability with gentle respect – without trying to fix them or help them, sometimes that’s all we need – to be heard and have our confidences held in trust. It’s a way of honoring and respecting the journey each of us is on.

I know for me, I go through times of feeling pain and experiencing darkness and other times of feeling full of light and possibility.

I’ve come to accept that these two experiences can live together and so in me, also in others. I know too, that I got through those hard times and I will again – its how life works.

If, however, we can love the difficulty, embrace it, knowing its part of us, its part of life and it makes us at once stronger and more vulnerable, we can surrender to all of it.

When we surrender to that knowing and give ourselves over to the experience we grow and change and open to the light that we truly are. Sometimes we are covered by dark – moments of the soul and the heart, but we can still love and be loved and give and be giving.

Trust your knowledge, be yourself and experience the openness that comes with acceptance. Take a moment in the quiet to find your center, take a few deep breaths and repeat: I am in a state of soul expansion. And so it is. And so you are.