In the Night´s SoulI once heard that if we were to know what our life was going to be we would of being given a manual, a textbook, a life book of instructions.    Life does not work that way.  At least not for me anyway!   You most likely have experienced some good times and bad times, events in our lives that we do and don’t like.  We need the contrast to understand the difference between what is good for us or not.

We grow and learn from our experiences, but if you were like me, the worst always stuck like glue holding me back from anything that was possible.  The desires, hopes, aspirations and dreams that once were have now blown away in the wind as untouchable as the clouds in the sky so distance, soon to disappear.

These desires which spark each and every one of you are there like ammunition that can trigger inspiration and action but sometimes we look at the opposite and let life get in the way of our aspirations.      I know for one thing that if you desire it, you definitely have the resources within to make them your reality.

I often wondered, what would it be like if everything was possible?  Why is it so much easier for others to achieve success and others not.  First of all we only hear of their results.  We do not know of their journey and how long it really took the to get to where they are today.  Are some lucky?  Sure!  But like most of us, we work at it.

There is nothing that could stand in your way except yourself.  And something that I learned earlier, that it is our need to make our lives happen is often the blight.     Sometimes the inevitable feelings of  superiority/ inferiority, pride and worthlessness, success and failure are mixed together BUT it is negative emotions that keeps us on hold , and if we want to transcend this, from attachment to outcomes and the feelings we achieve from those outcomes; with the need to no longer impress, or to compare – it is in our natural spirit that will transcend that which you want to be.

So what holds you back is not what is happening outside of you but within you?  You may ask questions of how and then for some you feel at your feet feel are stuck in concrete, your mind stumbles over thoughts of possibilities and then plummets into a well of shadows.   Are  you losing your Heart as you try to make a difference, the passion and drive that once everything was possible becoming a blur, a cloud dispersed itself into the sky.

Sometimes we can become  a prisoner of the past not every understanding that things can change.  Acceptance becomes easier that Stepping Up to that which can become.  You can choose to accept this or learn how to empower yourself to the successes and desires that are make up each and everyone of you.

You have all that is within you now to be that which you want to be.  From the Inside Out you will become all that you want to be whether it is in everyday life or in business.  Nothing is ever impossible!  It is what you choose to be that makes it so.     You have choice!   You are only one step away from successfully navigating your life to enjoy more good times and become all that you aspire and desire and to become the best of you in your Life!   This Life!  Check out my new book ‘Stand in your Power’ to get you started.