present moment

Are you Awake

Isn’t it fascinating how much of our lives are not in this present moment.  In instead live in the future or in the past.

How often do you feel really awake and aware, appreciating what’s happening in the moment you’re in?

Even when we’re relaxing – taking a walk – engaging in some other pleasurable activity – our minds are often geared toward our to-do lists, what we have to do later today, next week or maybe dwelling on something that happened yesterday or even years ago.

When you think about it, all we have is the present moment.  Even if it is fleeting moment as time marches forward. Still, our fears and anxieties almost always have to do with keeping our noisy voice in our heads active.    This is NOT what being in the present moment.  It is a rare exception to be present particularly,  if you are experiencing a genuine threat to your life.

Fears and worries

I find great comfort in the fact that almost always – for all of us – right where we are right now.  In this present moment, everything is perfect. I’m safe; I’m fine inside of where I am right now. Any problems, fear or worries I have are about what’s going to happen (real or imagined) at some time in the future.

Successful living comes from understanding that in ‘this now moment’ we are all we need to be.  We are, perfect just as we are. Truly this present moment IS all we can experience in our physical ‘real’ reality. Our minds work very hard to create conflict .  Our inner critic is good for supporting this.  It’s usually about something we anticipate in the future yet we both know the future in in our mind..

Buddhism tells us that clinging to everything over than the present is the source of all suffering.  Giving ourselves over the present moment is indeed very difficult; it’s a life’s work – truly. And, we get there by bringing ourselves back, over and over again.

Present awareness

Living in the present means that our focused attention is on what actually happening right now. If you’re walking in the woods, it would be you being absorbed in your surroundings – noticing the light and sounds and smells. Not looking down unaware and thinking about a meeting you have later, or the neighbor you’re annoyed with. Not easy.

It means expanding present awareness to include what is happening outside of your body, inside your mind, and within your body all at the same time.

Being in the present requires us to deliberately to respond to current perceptions without cluttering them up with past memories or future anticipations. Deep breath. Slow down. Focus, get present.

Realize that only in this external moment, the possibility for life improvement and perfection exists and practice mindful awareness.

Do it by noticing the details of the sights, sounds, smells and sensations while you wash the dishes, drive your car, do comforting, everyday things.

Slow your brain down and notice the colors, smells, physical feel, emotions and beauty of everyday living. And discover that right here, in this now moment; you are in fact, perfect, safe and well.