truth speak your truth change the world heart's truth changeAm I Being Truthful?

Everyday we try to live in a conscious world being aware of all our surrounding.  Sounds – Smells – Taste.  Yet we  get distracted in our  whirlwind of activity.  The then often leaves us feeling overworked and trying to get it all done.  Of course, overwhelm begins to heat up and you beat yourself up.  Nevertheless, for whatever reason?    Was this to be and the goal to make my life easier (is it?).  To increase my health, joy, happiness (at what risk?) .  Or it is to improve my relationships (fading?)

Busyness – taking Action – Listening to Others – Doing, what others are saying–

What is the Best to do this Week – the Month – this Year – Next Year – the list goes on.

I heeded what others said was best practice, did it all – then fell deeply into a state of depression.  The magic just wasn’t there anymore.  Did this mean that I should change my aspirations?   Didn’t think so, I just had to ask the question – the one that continually haunted me –What is the truth in all this?

Truth is that ONE word that is only defined by what you give to it.   For me it was to let go of judgment about others and myself where I would show up relenting and not given a hoot of what others thought about me.     Not as easy as it, sounds and I know!   My rebellious side always shows up.   Yet my truth became my vulnerability– fearing to speak the truth because I would worry what others will think of me.  Humbug!

So I let that idea go 

If you speak your truth with an open heart and without self-judgment, you”ll receive the same from almost everyone.  An open heart and your authentic self.  Others will be attracted to you. Why? Because your truth (essence)  resonates with them, speaks to them, opens them up to their own truth. Finding out the truth isn’t simple though, as I realized.  I found out we need to know what we believe truthfully and become totally discerning enough to know what is right.

It takes a conscious and deliberate effort to speak your truth and to accept what you believe.  Harder yet, to be open to what others think.   Changing your mind when you see something differently, or come to understand new ideas and ways of thinking. We are all seeing the world through own our perceptions, which may serve us for a while.  Unfortunately over time, they stop serving us later on.

Education has taught us truth through logic and reason, such as understanding that two and two makes four.  However, the truth of our heart, which is really the truth about life, resonates deep within us – somewhere very different –we all know the feeling of and recognizes that place or experience, even if you haven’t clearly defined it for yourself.

Growth and change should be welcomed. Think of the curious and inquisitive child who asks endless questions, trying to understand the world around them. You can bring that curious and open mind to your dealings with others – in your business, relationships, careers  and personal lives and by doing so, set an example for all to follow.

How often are you just asking the questions of what is truth for me, for yourself, regardless of what anyone else believes or holds to be true?

  • Do you think about what is wrong rather than what is right since choosing to be passionate about what you do is just as important?
  • Can you let go of the impulse to do it like everyone else and do it your way no matter how farfetched it is?
  • Are you open to discovering the possibilities, embrace uncertainty and change your world so you can change the world around you?
  • What would it look like and feel like if you were to really let go of having to do it like everyone else?
  • In what ways would developing your heart, having more faith, trusting your heart’s truth step up your business and change your life?

When you come from a place in your heart, you’re taking intentional action. There will be moments when it feels like play rather than work.  You actions will take on a different force that gives you a sense of increased confidence and clarity.   You know that the steps you take are harmonious with who you are, because in reality, we have everything within us now, and sometimes we just need a helping hand to access to it. When you trust your heart to be your guide all is shown to you with no sense of feeling ill at ease or frustration.

Being in your heart’s truth can change the world. Truly, it can. One person by one person, opening your heart to your truth and the truth of the other person, you can make huge, impactful, positive change for others. This is the energy you exude, your essence.

You will be the agent for change just by being you – by making the commitment to show up truly and authentically yourself, accepting that what you believe is right for you.

Invest yourself in your truth and make a difference in your own life and the lives of those you touch. It’s your time! So..let me ask what is true for you?

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