Spirit RealityWhat is reality?  What is real in truth?

Beliefs create the language of our eyes in turn creating our reality.

Our perception changes on how the world looks to us depending on the beliefs we hold . 

Have you ever heard the comment perception is projection? 

If we feel love we radiate love; if we feel fear we radiate the same. So what we believe of ourselves is what we are projecting to the outer world.

When we do this, we will create scenarios that we don’t necessarily want.   

Our beliefs act as lenses on how see the outer world.    Wearing rose colored glasses can obviously the world and how it can look different.  Yet often we wear grey color glasses blurring what is real.

We can change how our world looks to us by changing our beliefs.   

Working with the inner science of our experiences is primary, we find we can tune or experience through excellence.  Experience is primary as we can tune our experience in excellence.  Everything that works in human develop is because it is adjusting our inner reality.  Whenever I have gone through a major change in my life, my beliefs would change so what is the function here. 

Beliefs work is very powerful change technology if you find the core belief and if you this shift that all will change. 

You can become everything you want to be. BUT

What limitation do you hold?  Think about your own limitations?  What would be holding you back?  You may not only think about it but feel what is limited?  Extend this out to your other senses. 

All beliefs are limited that is the purpose of the belief is to limit something. 

Take a moment a right down 3 or more areas you feel you are limiting yourself.  Whenever you find a limitation or belief that something that cannot be done; this is what is preventing you from having what you want.

Beliefs are limiting because they separate the all of everything from something else. 

The first belief we create in our lives I am– then I am this– I am not that. 

Beliefs are like bubbles that separate us from the universe of what we can handle. 

We create ourselves by the labels we hold about ourselves.  I am a teacher, I am a mother, I am not capable of…  I am a bad person;  I am a good person;  I am coach;  I am not a doctor;  I am a therapist. 

What labels do you hold about yourself?

Your vision of yourself and your life and your limitation create the problems.   

When you feel stuck or like crap, you promote yourself out of that limitation  You want to but can’t and this creates tension. 

When you put more focus on the reality of your limitations you will begin the journey that will put you back what you want into reality. 

Put attention on your dreams of what you want and then your reality will stretch forward. 

What do you need to do now?  How will you grow from this experience? 

 Limitations are simply our beliefs that are changeable.    If we think of them as solid as unchangeable then we are stuck.  But if you see them as changing you will grow.

You can take them from where they are to where they want to grow.  And point them into a state where they want to be. 

If your beliefs are creating the limitation then learning about your beliefs and how to change them become the first step to  healing and getting closer to our true self.