inner knowingWouldn’t it be nice to have a blueprint or plan to follow to tap into your inner knowing and realize success?

In my last post I told you that success is inside job, that you already have the resources you need to get the job done. I’m sure you’ve given that some thought in the past, or even more than that, you’ve attended workshops and read books that help you with the process.

I have too and I believe it’s all a journey, that each thing we do and read and learn brings us to where we are right now – ready for the next step on our life path.

Did you ever notice how you read something a second time or revisit information you’ve looked at before and suddenly it has a different meaning?

You could swear that it didn’t say that before and yet no one snuck in and re-wrote the book on your shelf when you weren’t looking!

Still, the message seems completely different.

It’s because you’ve changed.

You’re reading through the lens of the experiences you’ve had up until that point, which are very different than where you were the last time you perused the material.

Our minds are fascinating that way.

I’ve attempted to tap into that very experience in my book The Art of Feminine Power.   I’ve written it as a blueprint and a workbook at the same time.

The blueprint will at times feel familiar to you because it taps into your inner knowing. The workbook – you can almost think of them as ‘food for thought exercises’ takes it a step further as it gives you the opportunity to reflect and write as you read.

When you write, you connect to a part of your subconscious in a unique way.

It’s impossible for the brain to write and do anything else.

That means you are fully present, not distracted and are thus able to tap in to your deep inner knowing in a kind of automatic and direct way.

I’ve designed the book to be an exploration, a journey that brings you back in touch with what you know and combines ideas from ancient wisdom – some of which you will find – is really your own innate wisdom.

I’m really excited about the possibilities that come from this work inspired by Harriet Rubin’s work The Princessa. It’s been a meaningful journey for me to put it together.

I do believe we teach and write about what we most need to learn, or practice and it’s been a complete and powerful journey of self-discovery for me. Your blueprint for inner knowing is the first step into an exciting and wonderful journey.  I’m excited to share it with you. Please take a look and thanks!