Spiritual and Monetary Success for Women who Own a Holistic Business

blessing thosePassion and Possibilities loves working with small businesses owned by women who work in a holistic business as a healer, therapist, coach, writer or other similar transformational service.

Reeny is passionate about empowering women to achieve their true purpose. Women led by spirit will have a unique approach to business that is holistic and organic

 Unlike so many businesses led by those who are focused only on profit, the women Reeny works  Women who Own a Holistic Business helping them to achieve success and happiness from a heart centered approach. 

They are dedicated to discovering their life’s purpose and then achieving what they are called to do. As a similarly spirit-led business coach for women, Reeny can help you achieve this. Reeny believes women have so much to give to society, but too often they are held back by harmful social conventions, or male-dominated business structures.

Passion and Possibilities are dedicated to helping spirit-sensitive, women business owners achieve their true purpose. You want to live as an extraordinary person, achieving extraordinary things. Her wide range of programs will assist you every step of your unique journey. Her programs on Breaking Unconscious Sabotaging Beliefs  will help you wake up from being stuck on autopilot and removing the resistance that is keeping you from achieving your life’s purpose.

Her Awakening the Heart healing meditation will help you develop the courage to move past the fears holding you back so you can begin to take real action in achieving your dreams.

Your True Purpose Journey is a program that will guide you in realizing exactly what your true purpose or mission is. Reeny will then work with you to help you realize how you can use your strengths, values and gifts to achieve your mission. For Women who Own a Holistic Business that is led by a sense of purpose but unsure how to understand their supreme calling making sense of it.

Reeny offers a program for Elevating the Spirit of Your Business. This will enable you to discover your business or true purpose so you can make a difference in the world, and find out how you can best serve and give people the benefits of your talent. For those who have already started their own business, but are unsure of how to grow it further Reeny offers programs in Connecting Heart and Business.

This will teach you how to grow your business naturally, making a meaningful difference while keeping things balanced and growing the bottom line. Reeny is passionate and dedicated about helping women who Own a Holistic Business develop the skills and tools they will need to discover their life’s purpose and use these things to answer the calling of their spirit to make a difference in the world. Contact Passion and Possibilities today to get started on your path to holistic success.

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