too busy to be HappyIn the last post I talked about that crazy feeling we get when things swing out of balance and we feel pressed for time, have too much to do and everything is moving at a crazy pace and we feel maybe a little more than unbalanced, even a bit out of control.

It happens to all of us. Life is busy, work is pressured, family life is demanding. Yes, all of these things are rewarding too and we can feel blessed to have all these things and equally confused and overwhelmed by having to manage them all. Not always – but there are moments….

One thing I like to do to keep perspective is to turn to gratitude.   Take anything – any one thing and be grateful for it. Grateful for my health in the moment, or for love in my life, or for my ability to work and be productive.


Then I drill down: what’s great about any of those things?

  • Why am I grateful?
  • What would life be like without this thing that overwhelms me in the moment?
  • What do I really want? Why am I doing any given thing?

We need to realize we’re always at choice. If we’re too busy, we can choose to be less busy. I know, people bristle at that idea (I do too sometimes!) and start in with: you don’t understand! I have to, I must, I need too, I can’t…on it goes. Yes, all of that is true AND you must ask in all of that ‘How is this serving me’?

Too Busy

Sometimes being busy is our way of feeling important and needed. Sometimes it’s a way to go fast and not think about what we’re deeply unhappy about or dissatisfied with. Sometimes we’re trying to meet someone else’s expectations to do or be what they want us to be.

Any or all of that is acceptable – IF we know that it serves us and we’re choosing it. And, if it’s not serving you, what can you do about it? How can you change? If you don’t want to change it, then can you accept that it’s what you want and settle into it and be that person, but enjoy it?

I know, that may seem like a strange concept, but it is a choice and it’s ours to be aware of what we’re choosing and how it makes us feel and how that becomes the quality of our lives.