Busy TIme to Let Go

We’re all so busy trying to get that new client, that extra income, that new car  to give  some thought to what is changing around us -the world of business and how we are living our lives.

Something has got to change with corporations downsizing at a rate of knots, without any consideration for the people that have supported the organisation for yonks!

Our lives are on autopilot with a barrage of information thrown at us that are creating confusion and keeping us stuck as to what is next.  What is New that I can take up to solve my problems.

We are keeping ourselves so busy focusing on what has been and not where it is all going.

It’s become a badge of honor of sorts ‘to be busy’ it seems.  It makes us feel important.

It’s as if being busy is synonymous with being important, being happy, being productive, any or all of those concepts, you choose.

BUT is it getting you what you are most desiring.

The Italians have an expression ‘far niente’ which translates roughly to ‘pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness’.

And they do it so well.

The glass of wine or cup of coffee outdoors at a leisurely pace over good conversation, or just sitting and watching the world go by.

The evening stroll you see people engaging in – visiting, saying hello, on their way to nowhere special, except maybe relaxation.

Do you have any experiences like that?

Any moments of just being – just doing something for the sake of it?

It’s the antidote to busy, to the full calendar.

I bring it up because I think we’ve gotten so far away from that concept, yet what have we moved to and does it bring us pleasure? And joy?

Here’s a simple, yet big question:

♥Why do you get up in the morning?

♥What feeds you?

♥What makes you put your feet on the floor, excited to start the day and get to the thing you love to do.

♥What’s that ‘thing’?


This is not about giving you strategies that will get you to the next stage.  These I feel have been overdone.

This is about finding another way to access the information YOU need to fulfill that big picture in a way that aligns you mind, heart and soul.

Out with the Old In with the New

Have you felt it coming?

I strongly believe we all have inner wisdom and that knows more than we could every imagine, about so many things, than perhaps we even attempt to listen to.

♥Where does your inner compass point?

♥When do you follow?

♥Is your heart longing for something and your mind shutting it down with ideas like:

♥“who are you kidding”?


♥ “That’s not practical”

♥“There is not rhyme or reason that this can work!

♥ “You have responsibilities, you must be serious”.

On and on the voice goes.

Do you listen?

I think we could all do well to listen more to our inner wisdom, to follow our inner guidance and pay close attention to the longings of our heart.♥

Ask anyone who gets a diagnosis and they’ll tell you what they thought most about were the things they haven’t done, the people they’ll miss if they don’t recover.


Their life snaps into focus – sharply and immediately, with a sense of urgency that’s stunning.

Those of us around them learn too – that we don’t want to wait for the diagnosis or limitation to start living the life we were meant to live.

There are Answers if you are Willing to Listen!

It’s there for you – yes YOU! And the only way it becomes too late is if you don’t act.

Sound urgent? It is.

You can get information that is pertinent to you, where you can get all the answers that are true for you, not someone like  you?

You can  access all the information you need for your life and/or business that is aligned to your mind, soul and heart and have it work?

♥Your life is waiting.

Answer the call, with an open heart – step into your greatness.

Get connected!  Yes this is New!  Scared? I was too!

Learn more how you can access information that is far beyond anything you can experience that will tell you your Why and how to make it happen!

Love to have your comments.

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