Want better results? Would being happier and have things ‘go your way’ more often bring you more satisfaction? Could it improve your outlook and your bank account? Interesting how your view of the world will change as you change. How circumstances and events come to be viewed differently and have different outcomes – the outcomes you’re looking for.

In order for your view to change, and your life and business to change as a result, two key things must happen, or align. We must be ‘right’ inside. What does that mean? It means you can’t feel one way, act another and expect to get the ‘right’ results.

What we think and what we feel comes through in everything we say or do, whether we mean for it to or not. Our thoughts and feelings can – and do – set up resistance or flow and can get in the way of attracting what we really want.

When you’re disciplined, responsible and courageous and go into your days, your business meetings and your life feeling open, receptive and allowing, you get more of what you want. If you’re feeling ‘tight’ and insecure, impatient and full of anxiety, impatience or fear, you’re not going to get what you want. Pretty simple and always true.

You might be calling all the right people and saying all the right things, but if what you feel isn’t aligned with what you’re saying and doing, you’re not going to get what you want. You won’t connect, you’ll feel blocked. It can be crazy-making. You feel irritated, and disappointed. That’s resistance showing up.

If you can tune into the place where you feel bold, courageous and receptive, this is where you will feel the opposite, non-resistance or flow. It feels different (better) and while you perhaps can’t define it clearly, you know when you feel it.

As we change in our world view (of ourselves and our experiences) the more open and receptive we become and as result, happier and healthier. Then, we will allow more in and experience more flow. It’s as if it builds on itself, the more you have, the more you get. You start by making small steps, and you continually  practice. You feel what the experience is like and you consciously re-create it in new situations. You cultivate more non-resistance in your life.  You can’t just hope that things will work out – hope is not a strategy – and we can’t force our wants, needs and opinions on others either, and expect good results.  Why? Because by doing so we are resisting the flow of attracting what we want.

When you learn to align your attitude and you practice doing just that more and more often in more and more situations, you’ll find that it always works. Applying this in the real world, in your personal life and in your work life brings you into balance and you will experience more of what you truly desire in life – and you’ll be happier too.