Childlike wonderThe key? Childlike Wonder?  What does this mean?

You have to be open for those opportunities to appear – in whatever ‘clothes’ they show up in.

Gone are the days of women wearing the stiff, mannish collar, a four-in-hand tie, and ugly rainy-day skirt, which were once considered the only proper sign of professional wear for women in business?    You are advancing adopting a new identity of dress that is more than neat and well – dress where you will always look magnificent.   See how easy it is to change?

If you welcome everything that comes into your life with an openness and curiosity about what’s possible without quickly judging or dismissing something because you make assumptions about it, you’ll find a whole world of opportunity opens to you. Of course, you want to be discerning in what you decide to say yes to, we’ve all been in the position of saying yes to too many things and experiencing burnout. I’m talking about quite an opposite experience. You are either moving in one direction or the other.

First, a few things to consider:

What do you do first when presented with a new idea? How do you typically react? Do you push back?  Having opinions before you even had the opportunity to consider the options.

Have you ever said yes to so many things that you aren’t sure where to direct your energies?  How has this affected you?

What’s your coping strategy when you’ve taken on too much?  How are you managing your own expectations?

Would it be useful to have a way to evaluate whatever is proposed to you so you can easily say yes or no and feel that you’re in integrity and keeping great boundaries?

Why not be free to anticipate and explore a wide range of possibilities and possible futures and outcomes?

You can re-frame your present experience.  Do this by opening yourself up to infinite visions of the future. You may have limited your ability to think and imagine BIG. Once the line is cast, or the idea created the  ‘thought comes into existence’.  These possibilities allow your subconscious to focus on new ideas.  The universe  will bring you and the goal together with the least possible effort or resistance.

Most have difficulty in knowing what they want and then often feeling stuck.    When you don’t know what is best for you, the ‘little gremlin’ pops in your head telling you ‘Why have you not stepped forward?’  This inner gremlin ‘a voice’ can hold back your dreams because of unwillingness to change habits that leave you on autopilot.  It is easier so they say.

Yes, if you want more!

Open in Childlike Wonder

Getting back to the earlier idea of letting things in, but not too many.  Think about the curiosity and wonder children bring to their day.   This is childlike wonder?

As adults we put rules and regulations in our lives.  We tend to forget what it was to be open to childlike wonder.  This was a time when everything was new and wondrous.

What does it mean to have childlike wonder?

There are no decisions to make.   They filter out information, parse it into its proper compartments. We can all approach life like that to some extent.

Think about what it feels like when something new comes at you. Your energy will tell you your reaction. Do you feel instantly tired and drained? Or do you feel energized and excited. Following the energy you feel will tell you whether it’s something you should look at more closely, or leave be.

But what if you were able to look through the eyes of curiosity and wonder?   Allow yourself to explore for a moment, try it on.  Try not to be so rushed and busy that you feel you need to come to immediate judgment.   Try this out and you might find that great possibilities come your way and you feel excited and energized and bring new opportunities to you – exactly the ones you’re looking for.