Choosing to Feel Joy

09 October
 Look Deep into Your Heart, and You Shall  see That You are Weeping for that Which has been Your Delight...They Come Together, they are Inseperable...  Explored 15 June

The Pure Joy of the Heart

So what do you avoid without and within where the shunning of will never transcends all troubles?

• What do you believe is your quest in life?
• What insights do you have concerning why you were created?
• When have you ever perpetually been stopped to be true for you in your life?
• Where have you ever been restricted to the unlimited?
• Is there something that appears to reduce your feelings of control?

We often look for answers externally, seeking the external to give us peace, tranquility, happiness, and joy. We use positive thinking to shake off the negatives.

When you correct your thoughts and actions from wanting to have all the answers and controlling the internal dialogue of criticism and judgment, a  little spark of something stirs opens you to the feelings of internal joy and pure peace.    A  little spark of something arises waiting to be stirred.

Here your energy – the reverberations of your determination of every part of your being are  filled with total joy and unblemished.  The love of the spirit ignites –  the planet responds and starts to shake – your spirit awakens.

How to get out of your head into your heart

Be still – learn to be quiet and look within and just watch your mental habits in action, do not judge them. Be still as the observer from the depths of this silence. If you find you mind refuses to let go of the constant noisy thoughts breath and take you thoughts from you mind into your heart. Feel as you do the love in your heart transmutes the thoughts so you can look truthfully at the matter without being afraid of what you might find.

If you find that your heart becomes closed, just become aware of your breathing and look clearly at what your mind is doing.  What is it that makes you feel less joy and love and catch that thought looking deeply into what you may find in this. Acknowledge – Accept – Let Go.

Here is where you will find pure joy and love.

What changes when our energy is high?

Your home life becomes a lot of harmonious. Your relationships are deeper to a level that is incredible joy and people in your life respond to this joy. They will sense your heart’s truth – the light of your being. The unbiased uncomplicated selfless joy that ignites you in turn ignites others. In this joy, you choose over fear. Your worries and judgments are held back, and your focus is centered on the present and not the future.

The feelings of joy in our hearts help us to become witnesses to the depths of our souls. In the silence our of our minds we can begin to feel who we really are deep down, not as a personality, but as a living spiritual being, that gains knowledge of who we really are. In addition, in knowing this truth, the joy of the divine, in the heart of ourselves,  we begin to heal our attitude to oneself and to others.

Our relationships with ourselves are our closest. You as an individual are the one who can choose how you want to live, how your relationships will evolve. So ask in your silence what kind of relationships you want to nurture within yourself.

Do you want to have an inner friend that criticizes and judges you? Do you want an inner friend that accepts you for who you are? I choose the latter.

Look within, in your silence, beyond your beliefs and say

“I love myself and accept myself for who I am”

Here you will then find joy.

You have to begin with No.1! The essence of who you are can filter to those that need you most. We have to travel inside to notice our heart’s consciousness that lies within our soul to live a profusely full and joyful life.

Our lives are served with diversity and challenges; however, those challenges are not unhealthy. They are a part of the blessings of life that have been given to you — a chance to grow and develop. Silently go within and all challenges will be shown for their truth.

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