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Are you even curious?Higher Guidance

Sensitive as you are you’re being pushed forward and just not sure what the full extent of what it is or WHY?

It may not feel like it but something is nagging you in the background and while you feel you have done great in all your endeavors, in all that you want to carry out, the truth is you feel there is something missing.

You’ve want to know what else could be out there for you, with clarity and depth, to see the totality of what you are here to do,  that is your divine purpose in this present time.

The truth is you KNOW there is something missing and you want answers and change that is permanent for you not someone like you!


So few of us ever really get clear and CONGRUENT with what we really know is out there for us.

Sometimes there is a MISS-MATCH between our desires and what is appearing in the outer world.

You know this in  your heart as a reflection of what is coming back to you

You may at times feel out-of-place and overwhelmed by traditional ways of doing things. soul purpose

Higher Divine Guidance Coaching ….

is a unique way of accessing your Higher Guidance  for answers using both an open heart and divine guidance principles and practices.

♥You will dismantle and release your deepest fears, self-doubts. self-blame and personal insecurities.

♥You will know with clarity the decisions that you need to make creating the turnaround you always sought

♥You will know with certainty what path to take at any crossroad.

♥Your natural expression of self will grow as opposed to holding back what is yours to have.

♥You will understand what blocks stand  in your way that may keeping you from your full potential and how to release them.

♥You will raise your vibration as you discover a deeper connection to the Divine (or whatever name you choose).

♥You will have greater peace, joy, happiness, success and fulfillment.Untitled

Clarity Certainty FocusYou may  have already started on your “Spiritual Path”   YET firmly feel a resistance sprouting from an Energetic Soul level (e.g. all the “mindset/personal development/NLP” stuff has got you where you are now…and now it’s time to go deeper in order create with far less of the pushing & fighting you’re creating and experiencing now). Soul Purpose  Higher Guidance The Truth

You don’t just want to be “healed”. You’re looking for  higher divine guidance that unfolds for you not someone like you where you can actuate your higher purpose into the PHYSICAL world AND create abundance in all aspects in life (in FLOW).

How might your life be different if you had a clear source of information that allowed you to know what to do and to create the life you’re meant to live?

The process and identification of knowing one’s Soul (Higher) Purpose through Divine Guidance will deepen your access to your TRUTH where you will meet with inspired success, joy, creativity, and inner peace.Soul Purpose

“You are an AMAZING & PASSIONATE woman who I admire in many ways. Your ability to connect to source for energy is dynamic. Your powerful & heart-felt meditation changed my life in many ways and I am SOOOOO BLESSED to have worked  through this process as you INSPIRED me to shoot for the stars. You changed my way of life and will change many lives with your powerful energetic meditations and higher divine guidance coaching.

 You are persistent, focused and truly living your higher purpose and  will bring great inspiration to women all around the world on how to be purposeful, passionate through possibilities”.

Janelle Evans


When you Create from your Divine Guidance your life becomes effortless and flows with ease in all aspects of your career, relationships, business and finances.

This one path will stretch and challenge you, yet give you the courage to be bold beyond anything that you may have experienced before.

♥You will no longer be able to pretend that these obstacles do not exist that are keeping you from being at you are on top of your game.

This is a good thing because by naming them we will be able to put them to rest bringing forth the fullness of your being.

This  is when your light will burst forth shining like the sun and the doors will open to your full potential and YOU WILL BLOSSOM.  From this point forward,  not only will you be illuminating the darkness, you will be dazzling with success in your life and joy in your heart.

♥You will no longer be doubtful and questioning.

That’s not to say there won’t be questions, but they won’t be stuck in the mire of confusion.

♥You will know you can trust the divine guidance given and feel clearly the security that comes from it.

♥You will inspire others and lead the way as you are truly meant to do.


What a Session will Reveal:

Working together we will dive into the depth of how you can work with your higher authority bringing this into your every day life.

I will be your escort and mentor you reflecting back at every step what you have not been able to see, or notice for yourself or which you have simply ignored.

♥Understand the importance of living through Higher Divine Guidance

♥Know why having a higher purpose as given to you to live in this lifetime will guide your path forward with certainty and clarity

♥Identify the main obstacle that is keeping you from you have joy, prosperity and inner peace

♥Leave the session feeling engaged, deliberate  and determined.


Your Co-Design Coaching Session includes:

♥A forty minute session via a phone or Skype.

♥An MP3 recording of the call sent via a downloadable link to you.

♥Embrace options for customized mentoring and healing support.

So are you ready to embrace who you really are, step into your value, into the Divine Essence and create the level of success that you know is waiting for you.

The next step is to pop in your details below to access your Divine Co-Design Session

Booking Your Session

This is not a session where I try to sell you something. Instead, we’ll have a casual conversation with you ,  your business or career. Sure, you’ll know, by the end of our session, whether any of our programs can help you AND if I am the right coach to support you in achieving your long-term goals. If I am not the right person to help you, I will help you determine what your next step should be. .

I’m looking forward to reading this and getting in touch with you.

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