Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring


Simply put, life and business coaching is about growing the person from the inside out.  Coaching helps you to determine goals that match your highest good and potential, and to create a plan that is connected to the heart of you to achieve those goals, discover how you self-sabotage yourself , and be accountable for achieving what you desire within the time frame that serves you and your business.

Life Coaching can do a lot for you such as teach you how to make better, more effective decisions, help you decide on which decision to take, offer you a solid support network to enable you to make these decisions and discuss different options with you that move you forward towards your goal. They cannot make critical choices for you. It is your life after all.

Life Coaching is not therapy.  You want to be better, more successful, happier. We therefore want to concentrate on what you want, rather than fixing only the problems.

Finally, your Life Coach is not a friend. You are paying us your hard-earned money. We  are committed to helping you achieve what you want. At times they need to make a hard choice and tell you things you may not want to hear. A friend, as we all know, is sometimes afraid to tell us what we do not want to hear.


Mentoring brings the expertise of the person into the mix. A mentor offers information and advice.  Look for a mentor has achieved what you want to achieve, someone who is willing to share all their knowledge, wisdom and practical tips with you.

The role of the mentor is about guidance to help you to develop your business  whilst also building your confidence and skills. It involves how to find and translate information, understand problems, identify solutions and implement action plans.

Let’s work with an example: Say that you are working on your task plan for next month.  A coach might ask you, “What tasks do you need to complete in the next month in order to achieve your monthly goals?,” encouraging you to set your own priorities.  A mentor might say, “Here are some of the tasks you need to consider for the next month in order to achieve your monthly goals,” offering advice based on experience.

A coach-mentor does both.  At Passion and Possibilities,  we work both as a coach and as a mentor, to give you the best of both worlds.

How do I know if I need coaching or mentoring, or both?

You need a coach if you want help:

  • organizing your thoughts
  • creating a practical and effective plan
  • prioritize goals and tasks
  • being more accountable for following through on tasks
  • maintaining high motivation even in the face of difficulties
  • understanding how you sabotage your efforts (and figuring out what to do about this

You need a mentor if you want:

  • the advice and experience of someone who is successfully self-employed
  • to understand the basics of business planning and how to streamline your marketing
  • to learn business skills in a rapid fashion
  • to find ways to manage and follow-up on your business success

If you want help in both areas, you need both coaching and consulting.  I strongly encourage my clients to use me as a coach-mentor, the best of both worlds

With every client I will:

  • ask thought provoking questions to stimulate you to look at things in new ways
  • Really listen to what you say. Not only to the surface content of what you are saying, but also listening for the patterns, beliefs and feelings behind content
  • Give honest feedback on what I observe
  • Assign you “homework” to do between Coaching and Mentoring sessions

What is Passion and Possibilities general philosophy?

Our general philosophy is that everyone is born with unique talents and gifts to offer the world.  For some, it’s being a mother and raising physically and emotionally healthy children.  For others, it’s doing volunteer work, or starting a business, or being an author.  Each person is different.  We believe that each person can discover her unique gifts and life purpose, and once she has begun to work towards developing those gifts and using them in the world, she can have a sense of purpose, happiness, and satisfaction.

Whichever way works for you there is no time then to get started now



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