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Awaken Your Heart – Your Answers will Follow

Many of you have run yourselves ragged without results a little too long and your heart is crying for relief.   Living consciously from the Heart is your pathway to a much larger shift into a new way of being.

What Do You Stand For?

Be honest with yourself- how close are you to that point of no return? Over the years, I’ve gotten more and more honest with myself, learning to rest when I need to, reconnect and heal when I need to.

Yet, I didn’t always, because it’s hard, especially when our lives are so busy and sometimes that sense of self is at risk and we seek to hide out remain safe.

Something in my own heart kept telling me that there was something very special here that I needed to listen to.

Did you know that the heart energy is 5,000x stronger than the mind?

I learned that the energy of our heart moulds our body and face.  It creates our mask and over time etches the leftover wrinkles from too-much negative emotions.

Awaken your Heart Opens You to True Source

Opening your heart  brings a lightness and tranquility  of your whole self.

Awaken Your Heart is Perfect if Your Feeling Restless  and…

: Exhausted and depleted by an over-active mind that never lets you rest?

: Overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time or energy?

: Stifled by other people’s agendas and telling you what to do next?

: Stuck and trapped by old habits of doing and never having?

: Stressed and paralyzed by conflicting desires and demands?

: Suffering and in pain, unable to heal or trust yourself and wishing you could?

: Tyrannized by an inner critic and the never ending ‘should’s’?

Awaken Your Heart is the Key Connection to your Creator


Gregg Braden explains why and why now. The Awakened Heart is the Self of all Being,and the Self of your being. When our Heart awakens,love, joy, and wisdom shine forth as the Light of Consciousness.

Now is the time for your Heart to Awaken —Tom Thompson

Experience the Joy of an Open Heart

: You’ll  feel far from stress

: You’ll be more effect and more productive – with greater gains emotionally, financially and spiritually.

: You’ll feel whole, re-enchanted and energetically reconnected to the world again

: You’ll learn to celebrate life rather than struggle to prolong it and become more aware of the subtle energy of the divine in your heart – the real you.

: You’ll develop a profound compassion for the energy of your own heart and that of others

: You’ll find pleasure in everything you do that will support your life with greater joy and fulfillment

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