Over thSpiriutality 1e years working with heart centered solo preneurs, it has been a great joy to see how they are bringing their gifts to share and help others.   It has been a great privilege to work with them and to be part of such a growing group of inspirational people.

 I have worked with trusted mentors and coaches it was not always about the doing bit.  You know, just taking action.  Anyone can just take action.  I later realized it was about who I was becoming as I entered back into the business realm.   It was about WHO I was becoming and that expression had to be congruent with what I represented.   These experts that I worked with know what they are doing for themselves, all there business strategies, but did it work for me.  I was not them.  So I had to find myself.

After December 21, 2012, we are seeing a massive shift in the way that business is now being communicated in the world.  The way we speak about what we do is coming more from our own essence, our consciousness, and awareness of how we want to operate in our business combined with a high level of integrity so you will install trust in others.  No more of the fast quick fix solutions, buying programs after programs with nothing realized.

Being courageous and speaking truthfully with authenticity in all areas of our lives exposes us fully and puts us out in the aim of fire.   Soulfully and energetically, many women business owners who work as the way makers, the light workers, the path clearer, the visionaries, the knowers you will show the way.

In our personal lives, we get it, but for some reason when it comes to business apply different tactics.  There may be an element of fear and illusions that puts it on hold.

  • What if who you are doesn’t attract customers?
  • What if how you are doesn’t resonate, or worse, offends people?
  • What if existing customers and clients don’t like the message or new direction and stop buying from us?

In my own experience — it doesn’t matter; you cannot be of service to everyone, unless you have some global vision of doing so.  My observation of working with women in business it that the opposite happens because know who and what you represent will attract that which you desire.

It is never easy to get out there and share what you do, so that others get you. It even is feels like total exposure, NAKED, with everyone watching you, where you are most vulnerable in your task.  Sometime it might be you are trying to get your message right, believing that others will get you; your voice gets distilled as you try and make that expression.  It is not that you don’t know what it is, when it is so special to you. .  For me, I have now been open to letting my voice out now, too long sitting on the fence.

Your business is both your feminine creative side and your spirit; your intuition and your masculine energy.  You can use them all to work for you in your business, your life and your relationships. Your results will become more amazing.  I believe that a truly balanced person can have a healthy and marvelous life. That every individual can, in this world, live in the flow of abundant prosperity. It is every single person’s right to absolutely be wealthy. But, we must be aware of the way we view the ideas we have.  Are our beliefs coming from the mind or are they coming from heart?

When we are bold enough to be ourselves, fresh possibilities and benefits magically appear in the form of personal empowerment, support, encouragement and new opportunities.  Each of these examples looks and feels like courage to me.

Connecting Heart and Business is about YOU.    Inject your unique character and expression of YOU and the world will change.  It is no longer just about business practices.  It is more becoming about who we are in what we do.  With an expression of heart felt giving and sincere love to support others and be of service?

The world is asking more and more for you guidance.  Let you authenticity be shared with others and your voice be heard widely and loudly.  You have so much to give now in this transformational time.  The only way that you can do this is to shine in your own light, listen to your inner knowing and become the best version of you.