Why Is It Important?

inner self

Have you ever wondered about your existence? Why are you on this Earth? What is the purpose of your existence? 

We all have different identities or if I may say so, a different “outer self”.  You can be a parent, friend, husband/wife or an employee, but that is just your social identity. What about your “inner self”? 

Know Your Inner Self 

 Your outer self is what others define for you. You can play different roles in your daily lives, but they are mere social responsibilities and do not define your “inner self”.  Your “inner self” or the “higher self” is your soul- the real you, the complete you. While the outer self is connected with the external world and focuses on the day to day activities of life; it is the “inner self” that connects with you on a deeper subconscious level. 

To know your inner self, you have to know the purpose of your existence. What are your dreams, beliefs and motivations? It is a process of self-discovery, to define yourself and not to be limited by what others define for you.  

Importance of Discovery

Ever since you are born, you are defined by a lot of identities. As the life progresses, you limit yourself by these identities. You spend most of your life being a father, mother, spouse or child. Your identities begin to define you; snatch those identities away and you are lost like a boat amidst vast ocean. If you are asked to live without your identities, you will get delusional. The fault lies in the way we have been conditioned to live – born as somebody, live as everybody and die as nobody. 

The inner self is not restricted by these identities; it is much more beyond that.  We have one life to live, so why not live it for yourself and stop being a projection of other’s reality.  


It’s okay if you are new on this road of self-discovery. It’s okay if you don’t know the true purpose of your soul.  After all, life is itself is a journey of self-discovery. Discovering your inner self comes from a high level of self-awareness. You have been told since beginning about your duties and responsibilities and things you need to do for social acceptance. No importance was ever given to introspection. There was never so much self-awareness to question the purpose of soul.  

Nobody dared to ask the bigger questions. What do you want to do with your life? What makes you happy?  Simple questions, but difficult answers as all of these require a huge amount of soul searching, a wider vision to see things from a deeper perspective.   

So, look beyond what lies on the surface, introspect more, listen to your inner self and let yourself align you with your soul. It is our inner self which knows all the answers, for it speaks the language of the soul.