Having a clear, articulated vision is key to business success. Knowing what you want and being able to see yourself achieving it not only clarifies your purpose, it actually helps to make it a reality. In creating your vision, you need to be clear and specific. For example, you likely started your business because you have something of value you want to share with the world. You also want to earn money from your business. Wanting to make money is NOT a clear vision.

Even if you state how much money you want to make. Why? Because money has no meaning. It’s what money can and will do for you that sparks you emotionally. You need to attach your vision to something that moves you, something you want to accomplish.

Put your vision in writing. Use descriptive words and write in the present tense. Don’t set your sights on something so big you really don’t believe it. It must be real enough that you can see it, even if it’s something you haven’t achieved before. For example, if the most you’ve earned in a year is $90,000, setting a goal to earn a million dollars next year is (for most people) probably not realistic. That’s a big jump in 12 months. How about doubling your income? Or increasing it 50%? That’s probably more do-able.

Now, state what you want to do with that income. Do you desire a nicer house? A house you own? What does that house look like? Where is it located? How many rooms does it have? What features? Picture it. Believe it. Write it down, make it a reality. The same goes for any other particular thing you desire. The more specific and clear you are, the more likely it will become reality.

Here are some simple steps to create your vision:

  1. Focus on your purpose and what you want to accomplish. Capture what is truly important to you and state why it’s important – use active language.
  2. Include a timeline for completion, so that it becomes real and has a realistic target for realization.
  3. Make a list of action steps that you will take to make this a reality. What do you need to do differently? What should you continue doing that is currently working well for you?
  4. Create a plan for putting these steps into action. Is there anything you need to change to make this happen? What do you need to support making those changes? Be very clear and specific.
  5. Make this plan a working document that you can review and change as needed. Grow it, change it, be flexible and track what you do and the results you achieve.

Reflect on your vision, make it part of your life. Create a dream/vision board where you have images that reflect what you want to accomplish. Work on your subconscious mind by creating a visual representation of your dreams and goals. It works! A clear vision will clear your path to realizing what you truly desire.


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