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You feel deep within there is a something greater for you and  in the swirl of your busy life AND just don’t know where to begin to unlock that door to the happiness department.

divine higher guidanceWorking with your Divine Higher Guidance, is not  one size fits all  – every idea – every system – every program has a primary intention – YOU!

If you were clear on where to focus, what to work on, and what you needed to do,  have the direct answers to get back on track when you’ve lost your way, all given to you directly from your Divine Higher Guidance, would that not save you a tremendous amount of struggle?

Can YOU Change Your World – Be More Of Who You Really Are?

Yes, absolutely!

♥What if you could connect to something greater than yourself?

♥Have a road-map for you to the abundance that is yours to have.

Whether this guidance is God, the Divine, Spirit, your Guardian Angels, Trusted Source or your Higher Self or your Soul; there is a way to engage in a two-way dialogue.

Divine Higher Guidance Coaching and Mentoring is where....

♥You’ll find answers to one question YOU struggle with “who am I?”, so you will feel on target again;

♥You’ll develop the ability to have a real relationship with YOUR inner heart and YOUR higher divine guidance that is so deep.

♥You’ll create strong bonds, clear divine higher guidance that  brings a tremendous amount of nourishment to your heart and soul.

♥You’ll strengthen the relationships with the people YOU care about;

♥You’ll build upon your strengths and conditions that will guide YOU to a more fulfillment in your life;

♥You’ll reclaim the lost parts of you by discovering the wisdom you hold behind past experiences.

♥You’ll  discover how to handle emotions and get to the root cause to resolve them.

Value Within♥You’ll  have the ability to discern true divine higher guidance from the noise around you;

♥You’ll see your path forward revealed to YOU from the chaos that surrounds you;

♥You’ll awaken to the wonder and awareness of the divine behind every experience;

♥You’ll learn how to integrate your divine higher divine guidance into every day life, so that the principles of living your highest purpose becomes more then just ‘a way of thinking’ but more a way of being;

♥You’ll have the wisdom and guidance to make those changes that you’ve always wanted; and

♥You’ll have my help opening to your divine higher guidance and awakening your heart as a practice to realize the answers are there on a day to day basis.

What makes this Different!

When you work with your divine higher guidance and  we work together to gain  clear access you will hear with clarity answers, and as you do you will act on your highest authority for you, not someone like you.   This is the most reliable and dependable road-map you will ever have.  When you learn to listen openly and trust what comes through you will always know the right direction to take in every event.

Here’s  my intentions for anyone participating in coaching with me?

Divine Higher Guidance Life Coaching is unique in the life coaching world because the coaching comes the Divine– this is your divine connection to a trusted source that knows you and supports you in the development of your life in this time.

Divine Higher Guidance is a direct connection that openly provides you with the  fastest, most efficient, purest way to get the answers you are seeking BUT only when you are prepared to Listen.  It is not egoic – therefore what you perceive is right for you mentally, your divine higher guidance knows better as you weed out the illusions from truth.

Spiritual Path

Divine Higher Guidance Coaching and Mentoring  programs are here to serve you wherever you are.

In taking a divine higher guidance development programs like this, there are many pathways and shifts that need to be made to allow the transformation to occur and sustain itself. (see how I can help  you through healing and teaching)

Divine Higher Guidance Coaching and Mentoring brings together  the essence of You by Creating Possibilities through Higher Divine Guidance – Awakening Your Heart – Breaking through Beliefs that Do not Serve programs carefully brought together to help you to discover the essence of  who you are supporting you in the change you most seek.

Connecting Heart and Business Mentor

Elevate the Spirit of Your Business and Connecting the Heart and Business are business mentoring programs where you will continue to use heart connection techniques, higher purpose direction, tools, processes, strategies, exercises, eBooks and worksheets so you can increase momentum all done keeping the connection to your inner essence, and igniting your highest calling.

Why am I qualified to help you.

Spiritual or divine higher guidance coaching is a tricky thing.   There is a lot of talk about spirituality and enlightenment these days.  Sometimes the terms are  “Made up”  and “Overused” to fill a gap.  And when this happens it falls flat from truth, and can actually do damage to Ourselves, Our Soul and Our Spirit.

Defined practices and strategies that are based on mind can help to a point yet from experience the greatest benefit comes from our our ability to surrender – surrender to the answers that are ready to be heard.

There is a process.

There will always be strong ego driven goals continually thrown at YOU to achieve desires and confidences directing YOU, and frustrating YOU and at times the results do not arrive.    No matter how much you try, you soon realize the traditional methods of achievement are not serving for the outcomes you seek.  This is why working with higher divine guidance coaching is different.  Not so easy for our EGO as it want to keep us in control and safety.

Spirituality belongs to everyone and does not necessarily mean one has to study a particular religion, philosophy or education. You have this divine higher guidance waiting to be heard – it is a process – and an exciting one.  It awaits within ALL OF US.

What Makes Me Different?

I work hard to stay in integrity to my Higher Divine Guidance,  to fully surrender to this and the purpose to which I am here to serve..  It has not always been easy.  I have been caught too in the mire of egoic patterns of success and in my search  have now sought my own coach and mentors  to check me to continue my own self-development to stay true to my practices of living through Higher Divine Guidance.

Here are the many ways I’ve immersed myself in my understanding.

Higher Purpose Coaching and MentoringI am grateful you are here and I am looking forward to getting to know more about you.

If you think this pathway is what you are seeking, but you’re not quite sure, please ask. We don’t want an unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from getting clarity you seek, whether Yes or No. Please reach out.

Use the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly or leave a voice mail  , I’ll get back to you.

Questions?Ask me! Anything that comes up for you, just ask.


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