Connecting Heart and Business

Be Guided by Your Highest Purpose to a Heart Centered Business

How Love – the Divinity of Your Business brings Freedom and Happiness

Your connection to a Higher Guidance will enhance your business, knowing exactly what it is you bring to the world and deepen the presence of your offer.

 This Business is Precious to You.

Of course it is.

Hopes and dreams of offering your blessing (gifts) to others, helping people, and  making a living doing it sometimes call us to be fierce.  This stern attitude and directness can sometime protects us so much that it stops the flow forward.

BUT when you design your business  from your higher guidance with an open heart and the bring this into using  practical business skills extraordinary things align around you:  the right connections and opportunities, alliances and partnerships, support and resources.

This is the moment of truth!

Your business challenges are not evidenced by lack of what are  doing,   They are evidenced from an internal need for more awareness, acceptance,  love, compassion and giving yourself permission to let go of false impressions and egoic confidence.

It’s not enough to just understand business intellectually.

Surrendering to the fact that we are all on a guided journey – that the Divine, God, True Source, the Creator (whatever you want to call it)  is in charge- and you must be aligned and allowing  if you are truly to live out your purpose as fully and deeply as you  can.

Our Heart is the Key to Divine Guidance

Your heart has a real need to feel a connection to this larger picture, and without a heart-centered connection, you’re going to be depending on will- power, ego and discipline to keep going.


Fear, Lack of Clarity, Overwhelm, Frustration, Desperation, Confusion, Loosing Faith

When you learn to listen to your heart and your higher guidance surrender to this, and knowing what is given is with pure understanding and direction, and then combine this with resourceful business strategies – your answers, actions, intent and choices will always bring the results you seek.

connecting heart and businessYour Higher Guidance will guide you in the Creation of a Heart Based Business

♥You will center and ground yourself into the magic of what you bring as you listen to your  heart of what your business is and isn’t;

♥You will know with certainty whether the guidance is illusion or not right.

♥Your clarity will heighten as you will see clearly the possibilities beyond what you ever imagined.

♥ You will learn about a sacred selling process delivered in a way that doesn’t have you feeling anxious or odd.

♥ Your view of money, power and abundance will change

♥Your ideal client will be shown to you – built on the deepest truth of what you offer.

♥You will discover  your market place, finding you niche mates.

♥You’ll attract the right business relationships, opportunities, income and partners that will serve your goals.

♥You’ll be able to say what you do, the results impact (s) your offer and the benefits or promise to give.

♥ You’ll design a signature offer that your divine audience will naturally want to buy without a lot of selling.

♥You’ll have a heart-centered way to connect with people who haven’t heard of you yet whether in person or through divine guidance.

♥You’ll create road map to follow that is right for your and  that is created through you by divine guidance

There is a process –when ignited you will watch all this flow to you exactly as you want easily and effortlessly

♥You’ll discern what is truth from higher guidance and what is being driving by egoic confidence.

♥You’ll develop a clear vision, setting specific goals, purposeful practices, strategic plans and support systems  and

♥You’ll have the support of  higher guidance directing your purpose,  project, marketing and action plans that has you excited, standing up and ready to go!

♥You’ll learn to use spiritual practices that nourishes your heart, and consistently connect to you to your higher guidance.

♥You’ll heal your internal blocks, fears, and beliefs that have been keeping you from taking action and making money.

♥You’ll give yourself permission to step boldly onto a new platform.

♥You’ll be supported by your unique purposeful message and solid business building strategies aligned to your higher purpose.

♥You’ll align your business persona and marketing with your purpose and true essence.

 Opening to  letting the ego step to the side and surrender to Higher Guidance is a dramatic leap in your life and business  and will require change and transformation.  This requires vulnerability and a willingness to surrender and getting permission to step forward.

No matter how many creative business tactics you take your inner heart and higher guidance knows the truth.

Who’s this for?

♥You are  finding that  traditional business practices just don’t serve you as you find them draining, overwhelming going nowhere.

♥ You’re past start of up stage and it’s clear you’ve gone about as far as you can on your own.

♥ You are at a point of desperation – seeking another way.

♥ You know the answer isn’t to work harder AND are asking really for some help in understanding what is, isn’t working and how to do it.

 You will Get Laser Open Heart Energy Transmission Calls

Usually two calls a month is more than enConnecting Heart and Businessough but sometimes something urgent or painful situations comes up that need attending to. I maintain a small enough client load and flexible enough schedule that I can often be available for a short additional support call.

What is the Program Really About?

This program brings together finding your higher purpose;  break the cycle of unconscious beliefs that sabotage;  awaken your heart, elevating the spirit of your business all into one program.

Your Business is Precious to You.

Of course it is.

Hopes and dreams of offering your (blessing) gift, of helping people, and of making a living doing what you are most desiring sometimes call us to be fierce.  This is doomed for failure, as your ego will dislike, revolt and sabotage protecting you from taking a different stance.

Connecting Heart and Business

When you design your business  from your higher guidance with an open clear channel and a heart of compassion and love,  extraordinary things align around you —  the right connections and opportunities, alliances and partnerships, support and resources.

If you choose to let me help you, I am respectful by that trust.

If you think maybe this program is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, please ask. We don’t want an unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from getting clarity for yourself, whether Yes or No. Please reach out.

Use the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Ignite your Higher Guidance Designed Business and Received Your Handbook to Creating a Divine Business – easy steps to help you get started

I am sure you have questions.

When you say yes to receive direct, one-on-one support, you are saying that you want a more fulfilling life and a heart felt business, one where you can be of service, making the world a better place while getting your business to work and of course increasing your income.

This  is a Year Long

A Program that brings in everything to ignite your true self into the Heart of your Business.

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I know this is a big commitment of time and of money.

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No hard sell, no “enrollment”- just me listening to you, and you listening to me, and we can discern whether this is right for you or not.

Is there a guarantee of any kind?


I’m not sure exactly what I could guarantee on this kind of journey.

I want you to be sure that you want to learn from me about opening your heart and embracing your higher guidance for direction, clarity and truth. I don’t want you to take this program and just add it to the list of the many others you have tried.

I want you to feel some resonance with me, my work and where I’m coming from.

What I can say is that if you work with me and want out, we’ll stop payments and you won’t owe anything further.

If a disaster befalls you while you are in the program: a death in the family, a catastrophic illness, please let’s talk.

In some cases the support of this program will actually be extremely helpful, and in other cases it won’t.