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True Happiness

How to tune into your Divine Self

Your Divine Self is our opening when we all get to that point  in our lives when we have questions that no one can answer.  To understand what is our divine self, our destiny.  Our destiny is not often easily reachable sending each one of us to embark on a journey to find or know ourselves. Sometimes you feel alone, discerning this is your path, solitary quietly yet you find there have been many walking down this lane with you

In our current economic times where there seems so much uncertainty we search for answers. It’s sad as many may live our entire lifetime without ever discovering our potential.  Quietly you can hear the answers and guidance – a higher power that is within reach.

Your Divine Self

This is the power that is within you.  It is your REAL self.  The real you that has the total consciousness.   The “you” that is connected to the Light that never gets caught up in your daily darkness of emotional turmoil but maintains a divine perspective all through.

This divine guidance has the instruction manual to help you manage your thoughts, goals, plans, intentions and every emotion you encounter in your everyday life.  All that is required is to connect with your higher self and have faith the answers will come to you.

How to Connect with Your Divine Self

You get disconnected from your divine self any time you see yourself different than you are.  You may have learned through all your fears, confusions, tears and anxiety to stay calm.  By learning how to connect with your higher self- inner power, you will step into an awareness far beyond.  Many are the times we allow our ego to speak, thinking it is our higher self-speaking.  There is a difference in the language that differentiate ego from spirit.

It is important to distinguish between the two voices.  Your Divine Self (higher self) is what guides us to fulfill our path and wishes day in and day out.  Connecting to your higher self is done purposely in the following ways:

  • Conscious imagination – Imagination is healthy, especially if it is higher self-imagination as it gives you the right answers you require in life to progress.  The higher self gives you answers or advice that is more knowledgeable and wiser than you.  It gives you insights into situations that have proved tough.

  • Journaling – Write down questions that have been disturbing your mind and listen up for answers and write them down as well.  Journaling can be coupled with listening to your ego but with time, you will realize you are no longer dwelling on your ego anymore.  Deeper and more meaningful answers will begin to surface, don’t filter, just type all of them.  Playing meditative music in the background has been known to work well in this session.

  • Visualization

  • Two Way Conversations

Remaining Connected

Remaining connected to your higher self is very important but fear stands in our way.

What are you ready to let go of?