I like the word congruence – I think of one’s life being congruent when you’re living on purpose, doing what is yours to do and enjoying it. You know that feeling when you have it, it’s tangible and it feels great. Congruous – funny word – but it means being in agreement, in harmony, corresponding to.

When everything lines up – and feels congruent – you feel really alive. You feel like you’re living on purpose. Your thoughts, your feelings and your actions line up with what you say, the actions you take and ultimately, your results. That’s congruence. It’s a train rolling down the track with momentum behind and open air ahead. It’s the sailboat with the perfect winds and the sails set just right. It’s a glorious feeling. And, it’s one we can cultivate and practice – to experience more of it more often.

Call it divine inspiration or harmony – think of a time you felt it and you’ll feel the clarity of purpose and the pure joy that comes with the alignment of your beliefs, your purpose and your outcome.

People sometimes ask me if they can achieve that state of being. Is it something that just happens, or is it something you can design or create? The answer is YES! Both are true. Usually it ‘just happens’ when you do the work that allows great things to ‘just happen’. And, you can do the work that creates those feelings so you experience them more of the time.

Learning how to align what you want with the outcomes you experience is absolutely an acquired skill and certainly one worth working on and developing. As a coach and mentor, my life is about remembering, practicing and teaching these skills and techniques every day. It means I get to live my purpose, express my passion while helping your define and express yours.

I’m always amazed that doing my work with clients puts me in closer touch to my own alignment and sense of purpose and it’s a constant upleveling – of energy, of results, of happiness and passion expressed.

It can be realized in every business or life  – it’s a great way to live, work, be in balance and enjoy life – tapping into all the good that is yours to have. Yes, your life lines up, beautifully, naturally and with ease and flow.