Ever Feel Like This?

Resistance. Tricky topic – even if you resist ‘resistance itself’ it shapes who you are. That may seem like an odd statement, but it’s how it works. Resistance doesn’t feel good – it’s not a state most of us enjoy. If you have areas of your life where you’ve created resistance – money, health, relationships – you can get ‘unstuck’!

Whatever you focus on tends to show up in your life. Seems simple enough as a concept. But how do you focus on what you can’t yet imagine or see for yourself? You know that feeling, that elusive state you want to be in, but you can’t get there, because you’re in an opposite state.

When you resist something, or resent something or just plain don’t want something in your life, but there it is and it’s a repeat of something you’ve felt or experienced before, it’s because love it or hate it, you focus on it.

That thing you resist might be taking a lot of your energy. That very energy is what is bringing you that which you don’t want. Make sense? Sound convoluted? And, most importantly, what can you do about it, to change what you’re experiencing?

The process, like so many, is simple, but not necessarily easy. You need to align what you want with what you think about and change your ‘feeling tone’ so that your desires are in sync with your thinking. You can shift your focus fairly easily, but it takes a consistent and determined effort to think about what you do want, instead of what you don’t want.

Begin by writing down what you do want in your life and then create some positive statements you can use when you find yourself ‘trash thinking’. For example, say you’re struggling with wanting to do more business, but you can’t see how you can ‘compete’ in the marketplace any differently than you are now.

Get quiet and picture your perfect client or customer. Write a detailed description. Then write a short statement like: I easily attract my perfect clients now. Every time your mind starts wrapping around the negative, how bad business is, how low your bank account is, the difficult clients you have currently- you get the idea – replace those thoughts with your statement: I easily attract my perfect clients now.

Make a conscious effort to catch yourself every time you focus on the negative, or on lack. Replace your thoughts. Literally, by replacing your thoughts, one by one, you can change your life, the way you feel and the results you get.

Need help staying on track? Consider personal coaching. Contact me for a complimentary session and begin to see the power that comes from working together. You can change and it’s probably easier than you think. Truly. To YOUR success….