Easy Going

In the field of life and business coaching, there are as many different approaches as there are coaches. Despite the differences, almost all coaches use some form of affirmations, for themselves and for their clients.  Affirmations, which are positive statements used to re-train the conscious or subconscious mind, have used for personal growth work for decades.

There can be problems with affirmations, however. One is the that often when we repeat an affirmation there is a doubt- it’s the sarcastic little voice inside your head that adds a comment after you’ve said your affirmation. For example, if you say
‘I am attracting money into my life on a continous basis from multiple sources”

Then there is that Little Voice in our Head that says to us:
‘Yeah, sure, where from and who would want to give it to me”

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is great for dealing with that little Voice in our Heads.

‘I’ll have to work too hard to make that much money’
‘Even though I believe I’ll have to work too hard if I want to be rich, I choose to consider that I can be wealthy while having fun working moderately!’

‘Nothing good ever happens to me’
‘Even though nothing good ever happens to me, I choose to allow good into my life now’

This last kind of ‘becomes’ indicates a global belief that may need more specific follow-up. When a global belief like this (an ‘always’ or a ‘never’) appears, sometimes a few rounds of tapping will reverse this feeling, and have you noticing how many good things do actually come into your life. This process can be subtle, so look carefully for it! EFT works best on specifics, though, so you may want to take specific events in your life or business so you can push out of these blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping your success. If you need help, call me!

Now that you’ve had some examples, pull out those old affirmations and dust them off, or write some new ones, and see how quickly you can attract what you desire in your life and your business!