You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression Count Your Blessings. Do you count your blessings? Or, are you like most of us (!) and you’re busier counting your troubles and woes? It’s not a criticism, just an observation. If you become obsessed with your blessings, there’s very little time for worry or obsessing about things that are way less beneficial. The same energy we used to worry something into manifestation is way better spent drawing that to us that we truly want and desire and it probably takes less effort and energy in the long run.

We do get what we focus on – I truly believe that. And, it takes tremendous power of mind to concentrate on what we do want, despite appearances and despite limiting beliefs. What would it be like to focus on the future you desire and feel yourself moving boldly toward it, instead of thinking about what isn’t working today in your life, what you don’t want?

We have been to taught to cultivate the habit of worry. Have you ever said or heard someone else say “let’s get this part done now and we’ll worry about the rest later”? Or something to that effect? We say that kind of thing without even thinking about what we’re drawing to us. Worry later? Why? Why plan to worry? Why worry at all?

A good friend of mine, whose father was known as the PMA man – for his Positive Mental Attitude was known for saying: If you can’t do anything about it, why worry? And, if you can do something about it, why worry? And, really he’s right. Why worry at all? Where does it get you ultimately or ever? The trick, or challenge if you will, is to focus our energy on what we want, what we desire what we love. Our job is to manifest our desired outcome and to be good stewards of our thoughts, our minds and our actions.

That is the way we do what is ours to do, show up as the light we are and inspire others to live the lives they are meant to live. Put worry by the wayside. Every time it rears its’ head ask yourself to put your powers of attention on what you most desire and leave the worry behind. Make a practice of this, and string enough of these moments together and live the life of your dreams. Don’t worry about it, just try it!