Procrastinator - tomorrows another dayProcrastinator I am! If you are like me, you know within that there are tasks to be done or words that have to be said – niggling at you to get it done or say it now yet you PROCRASTINATE!

So why do we not take action?

This part of ourselves – where the Procrastinator serves a purpose.    You probably don’t think so but it does.  It is part of our ego that keeps us safe, safe from criticism, safe from harm and/or safe from insecurity.

So now I hear you saying to yourself, I must do this perfectly so why try.

Have you ever gone through this procrastinating stage because it just has to be perfect or didn’t understand why?

For some time I have missed the deadlines mostly because the planning thing just didn’t resonate with me.  You see, being a kinesthetic type person listing tasks, ticking boxes and keeping notes, although I try, just didn’t work.  Sorry, Stephen Covey(!) brilliant work, for some.  Great excuse and an easy way out by justifying my style because it didn’t feel right.   The why of getting wherever I was going just didn’t click in.  I was flowing the pack(!) not my path.

Even so here came the guilt!

Do you ever get that guilt feeling, as you see your colleagues running up hill and you are still at the bottom looking up?  The guilt sets in and the feelings are so  intense that you would rather hold back than complete any project then to suffer any consequence of going ahead.

These beliefs may resonate with you as they have with me.

  • Failure is unacceptable
  • People will dislike ridicule exclude me if I don’t do it right
  • Success is dangerous – if I do something it might work
  • I’m afraid of what the future will bring
  • No one will listen me so why bother
  • I just don’t want to do it and you can’t make me

It’s easier than you think(!)

It wasn’t about just being a procrastinator…. I didn’t understand its purpose!

We all know what happens when we approach challenges with a mindset of possibility and optimism.  Unexpected ideas and new avenues for growth come to the surface, while cynicism and hopelessness get swept aside.    Possibilities are Endless when you know what you want and decide to build the courage muscle and confidence to do what you want in your life, whatever that may be for you.

The idea of possibilities allows you to go ahead and dream – dream about your life or even the business you may want to have and the lifestyle it will bring.  It is OK to do that, DREAM, because success will be based on your ability to take possibilities into a reality.

So you may say you are not good at starting things; you may often finding yourself getting get stuck in a rut.  I am sure there have been successes in your life that when you reflect back on how you overcame those obstacles you can easily remind yourself of how you can start new things again.

Perhaps this may strike you as a relief.  Perhaps you think this is incorrect.  Or perhaps you have taken care of people so long that you don’t serve anyone anymore not even yourself!

Does our procrastinator every diminish

Knowing what you want – the outcomes you want to do – know where you are heading –and taking action is how creating possibilities becomes your realities –always start with an idea,  a dream, a fantasy.  So where are you now!

What have been the successes in your life; what experiences have you had in your life that has led you to where you are now?   There must have been a strategy that got you there!  Use this strategy again… you may find your procrastinator diminishes.

Now, if you could have anything in this world you wanted – absolutely ANYTHING at all this is where you get it.  I am your genie in a bottle and you can have anything you wish.  You not only get three wishes you get as many as you like!  I want you to feel fantastic as you think and imagine your perfect life and notice how amazing it is to have anything you want.  This is the part where I really want you to start dreaming, really get yourself into the mind frame that anything is possible I want you to separate your greatest desires, your extremely compelling future into 4 areas:

So what are you aiming for?