Failing ForwardWhy Failure is Not the End

Sometimes when we fail we feel it is the end of the world.   There is not one person on the planet Earth that has never failed in his life. The truth is that everyone fails once or many times in their life. You are not alone in this process of failing. It is normal to fail with your business, or your lover, or your friends. But, when you will fail, keep in mind that you are not alone in this and that you should keep moving forward.

Behind failure there must be a purpose

Failing is all about learning.   It is all part of the process – the learning to move forward.  Think of Albert Einstein to tried 1001 times to create the light-bulb. His vision and sense of purpose failed him forward.

It isn’t always fun when things don’t work out the way we planned.   It is totally normal to feel demotivated, without any enthusiasm and willingness to keep going in one thing that you have really want to feel some sense of purpose.

You know how they say: “If you fail 9 times, the 10th time will be a successful one”! The process of failing is difficult.

However, when you fail, feelings of disappointment, why try, de-motivation are seemed real. But, before you decide not to again try, keep in mind that failing is not the end.

When you think that you are on something, fail forward, work with enthusiasm, vision, and purpose, the end results will be what you expected.

Failure is Purposeful

It is often difficult to keep up the motivation.  Your sense of purpose can seem illusory as if dreaming.  It exists to remind you of what you really want from your life, career, relationship and friendship. When you envisage your dreams as purposeful, a spark of motivation and enthusiasm are increasing. Your heart is starting to beat faster and faster. You are feeling alive again!

All this is because your vision is an open door to your inner wisdom. Even if you fail once there will be another path shown and waiting for you just around the corner.

Nothing is lost, you just need to give yourself a chance to keep in your mind’s eye all the situations you want to see, when everything seems so negative and without any sense of purpose.

I only see that which I want to see; I only see that which pleases me

You have the answers

You will feel tired of pushing yourself and stay motivated. Do not worry, nothing is lost.

Whenever you are unsure of what direction to take time to sit quietly.  Ask your most pressing question and sit in your heart.  Breathe deeply into your heart space, a place of knowing.  Through practice you will change your neural pathways into a more coherent state.  As well, the answer will come without all the negative self talk we often tell ourselves.