Conscious Holistic Entrepreneurs who start businesses because they are following their hearts’ desire usually do so because they have something they love to do. There is something you are truly passionate about, that you love to do and you’ve decided to make a living doing that thing.

At some point, you realize that in order to make money following this passion you need to attract customers or clients. Without those, money doesn’t flow. Without money flowing, business stagnates, even dies. That is certainly not your hearts’ desire. And yet…

What do You DO About it?

You fall in love again. You tap back into why you’re doing what you’re doing. You revisit your goals, your dreams, your desires and you find ways to bring in business that is in alignment with what feeds you. Granted, there are sometimes tasks that aren’t your favorite to do. Nothing is perfect – haven’t we been told that since we were old enough to begin to understand and grasp that concept? Right.

There are a couple of approaches to deal with the things you DO NOT love about your business. Take a different attitude is one solid approach. Let’s say you’re a healer and you are remarkable at what you do. The people who do avail themselves of your services are thrilled with what you offer and you think to yourself – if only there were more people who knew about me!

How about changing what you think? If you know people really benefit from what you offer and you want to help more people, then sharing your knowledge and wisdom is no longer a ‘pushy’ agenda, it’s a helpful agenda. Maybe you still can’t wrap your mind around what it would take to go out and find those people and promote what you are offering.

If you really don’t like the idea, the approach you bring to it won’t get you what you want anyway. SO, need to recalibrate your thinking and get someone else to help you share your vision. Marketing and promotion is a must – it is one thing you have to do – until or unless you have all the business you can handle. Reframe your thinking so that you are in a positive frame of mind (which will make your business instantly more attractive and appealing – it’s how the cosmos works!) and then outsource! There are plenty of brilliant people whose passion is helping you promote yours.

If your first thought is “I’m not making enough money, I can’t afford that”, then change that to be “If I get help, I’ll make enough money to afford the help and make more profit to boot”. Then, take a risk, jump in, think bigger, share your great message and prosper. People are waiting for someone JUST LIKE YOU. I promise.