Stuck BraveDo you sometimes feel stuck; it’s hard to move forward?

This can show up a number of ways – feeling unclear and like your feet are buried in mud and you can’t move forward.

Or, you head spins so fast with ideas and thoughts (obsessions?) that you can’t stop long enough to get quiet and know what you’re supposed to do.

I think it might be easier to get what we want than to know what we want. In other words, if our goal and desire is clear, if we believe in it, feel it and are passionate about it, our next steps are how to make that known to others, especially in business.

However, if you’re stuck wondering whether what you have to offer has real value, or you get busy comparing yourself to others, it can be mentally paralyzing.

I know that happens for me and I know it happens for my clients too.

For me, it shows up with my worrying and wondering about whether I’m giving enough, being enough, doing enough in my work and for my clients.

I rely on outside perspective because it becomes difficult to know for myself, see for myself, my own worth.

That’s not to say I don’t value my work or have good self-esteem. I do.

But, like everyone else (you at times?) I get caught up and stuck.

Caught up in the busy-ness of the world around me.

Caught up in all the noise of the work being done in my field.

Caught up in whether what I give is jam packed with enough value to really help others.

In my clearest moments, I know that I am on my exact right path and I’m SO excited about helping other women realize their business dreams and goals.

I look at my life and am so thankful for how well I live, for what I can do, who I’ve become. In other moments – less clear ones, I admit – I don’t feel so sure.

I know, this lack of clarity is part of the journey.

I know that feeling this periodically just means I’m human.

I know it means I have more – not less – to offer my clients, my readers and my colleagues. Why?

Because I’m not just talking theory or ideas.

I’ve been there. I know the struggles and it makes me compassionate and it helps me to share solutions that not only are very real and truly work, but ones I’ve tested and proven myself.

Being open and vulnerable sometimes seems like the hardest work to do. But also the most meaningful.

To your success on your journey and to being vulnerable.

Thoughts? Comment’s? I would love you hear from you – just drop me a note about how you felt about this post.