conflictWe spend a lot of our time in this space. On the how – doing, doing, doing!

Working on the how to get where we want to go from A to B.     This place of preparation is of great importance to you because it is where all your communication originates. But sometimes in all the doing stuff we can lose ourselves.

The Conflict

Having spent so much time focused on all that business stuff I too forgot the spirit of what drove me to my work.

I did the right things in my business, all the necessary steps, trying to be like someone else, following their processes and rules.  Exhausted totally, nearly ruined my relationship, and barely spent time with my young son who so desperately needed my attention – I had to find another way.

So I decided to listen to my heart, believe totally without a doubt that I could have the life I wanted and let go of having all the answers.   That was it! And guess what, it all happened magically!

We don’t have to know all the answers. I know this sounds outrageous, with all the business books etc. out here, and yes I could teach you this, but I know you know this already. Just buy a business book.

Working on the How Alone Creates Universal Conflict

There is even a Business Planning made Simple.   I read them all, even did an MBA, and with all that right stuff, it didn’t work for me.  Why?  I lost the focus of my sense of self.

Let me ask you?

♥Why do you do what you do?

♥Does being so busy feed your soul?

♥Does it take you away from what is yours to do?

♥Does it help you live your life the way you want?

It might. But taking some time – even now and then – to stop and think about what is yours to do is soul-nourishing. By what is yours to do, I don’t mean your job description, I mean your deep down drive, what you are here to be not do.

Why we are so quick to believe someone else knows the answers?

Particularly the answers for you? Have you ever had the experience of trying to follow someone else’s plan and failing only to decide that it’s because they’re ‘good’ at ‘it’ and you’re not? It was there plan, their energy and their vision, not yours.

Release the Conflict

My suggestion to you is to understand why are you doing what you are doing, deep down – keep the vision always in mind even create a vision board – remove any resistance to believing you can have this – leave space to feed your soul – only take inspired action that suits you (have you ever done something when you were frustrated, tired and out of touch with yourself and it didn’t work) and let go!

Please just let go….

Who am I to say this…?

I grew up around starvation and lack. I made a decision at a young age not to have this in my life. All the dreams and life style I wanted to live then I do now. Was it all in the doing – not at all?

I just knew in my heart of heart I totally deserve this and now I am here.