In order to get more of what we want, we need to know what we want and then we need to find a way to continually bring our focus back to that. Over and over. Repeatedly and in the face of our ego calling us away, compelling us toward a focus on what we don’t have – on the lack and limitation.

Our world pulls us toward this too – with news of gloom and doom, victimization, terror and worse. Why? Why a steady diet of bad news? Where are the good news stations? Where are the reports of all the positive and wonderful things ordinary people do every single day? Where’s the “Hero” channel?

Well, since it isn’t being fed to us externally, we have to create it internally. Yes, create it we must. And, not us is it an ‘inside’ job, it’s lifelong job – it’s a practice and one well worth developing.

Let’s look at some simple ways to stay focused on the good and by doing so, bring more of the good toward us. It begins with recognizing what our greatest good is. The clearer our picture, the easier the focus. If you know with absolute certainty what you want, you also MUST be able to believe you can achieve it.

If you long for something that is way bigger than what you’ve accomplished to date, can you wrap your mind around it? Or, do you have to create incremental steps that are more believable to you. Let me use a material example because it’s easy to understand.

If you live in a small apartment in a so-so part of town and you long for a spacious, elegant home with a spectacular view, can you really see yourself there or is it a ‘magazine picture fantasy’? If you can, great. Go with it. If it seems completely out of reach, then what can you imagine in between? A lovely home that you own that is in a good neighborhood? Wrap your mind around that – even if it’s only a mental stepping stone, you need to truly believe you can have whatever it is that you want.

Passion and longing without true belief leads to frustration. It’s critically important to have a vision that feeds your soul and feels attainable in the real world.

Next, you talk to yourself. Think of training a dog and gently leading it away from what you don’t want it to do. It wants to chew on something that isn’t hers to chew on – you gently say no and lead her to a toy that’s hers. Work with your mind in the same way. As soon as you ‘catch’ it thinking negative, can’t do thoughts, gently lead it in another direction. Repeat the process often enough, catch your thinking early enough and you’ll see that you’ll create new neural pathways and you’ll find your mind meandering down a different more positive path.

And, like you would with the puppy, be gentle and kind – you want to develop a pattern of kindness and trust – yes, with yourself! Soon, you’ll find, with repeated practice that your mind works with your soul, instead of your ego. And long before you have the ‘thing’ you want, the quality of your life will improve and that only helps you get what you want. Be kind to yourself and be patient. The universe DOES hear you and DOES want to give you your hearts’ desire.