5 Fun Simple Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

In my years of being a coach is not often as easy as others pose to be.   It takes hard work, patience, persistence, connection to my source. It’s time get  out of your way.

One of the best things I’ve learned  is it doesn’t have to always have to be difficult.   This is good news.   It is not our job to work hard to make things happen. When we ask for help  let it go.  All we need to do is get clear on our sense of being, and then get out of our own way.

Here are a few fun, creative proven ways to “get out of your own way”.   Begin to bring your purpose into a reality.   As you read them, you may catch yourself thinking,

“How could something so easy and enjoyable and bring more life to my business and myself?

Whatever arises for you in your personal life, try applying any one or several of these ideas to the issue, challenge or concern.

If you can stay open-minded and really work these 5 Ideas.   Begin to tap into more and more possibilities.  Realise  life solutions are always at hand.

You are meant live on purpose, so just relax and trust the universe.  Get out of your own way and simply take some time to do things different.  Allow your success to flow.

5 Fun Simple Ways to Get Out of Your Way

  1. Start your morning with a 5-minute visualization

A brief daily routine of visualizing your dreams will actually recondition your mind, allowing your goals to seep into your subconscious. Evoke the image of your dream ideal lifestyle as vividly and descriptively as you can.

  1. Sleep on it.

Between setting intentions and manifesting them, there must be a temporary period of forgetting. Try it with something simple: want a perfect parking spot? Decide you need the perfect place to park, and then give yourself enough time to forget about your intent before you arrive. The sooner that you think about something else the sooner reality can get to work.

  1. Take some quiet time

Einstein is often quoted as saying, “my best ideas come to me while I am taking my morning shower.”  Your subconscious mind is constantly at work but cannot be forced.  Good ideas need to incubate.

  1. If you are stuck on an idea open a dictionary

Randomly select a word and then try to formulate ideas incorporating this word.  You will be surprised how well this works.  The concept is based on a simple but little know truth; freedom inhibits creativity; there are nothing like restrictions to get you thinking

  1. Take a break

…meditate, go for walk, or ride your bike, or a long drive. Any action that quiets your mind and allows it to wander can bring about inspiration.

Have you ever noticed that you get great ideas to answers to challenges while in the shower or at the gym?   Take some time to be alone, listen and let your mind be free.

Ultimately, success is about living on purpose with passion.  Were only human sometimes get so involved in what we are doing, we often forget to nurture ourselves.

Use any of these techniques and see what appears and how you can use that information.  Your your inner knowledge, higher guidance knows.  Transform, trust and change your experience.