get your dreams in writingWhy would you want to get your dreams in writing?

It’s a brilliant awakening!

Still,  this is a big task and it can be a daunting one. To dream(!)  Thinking about what you want.

It takes more energy thinking about something than it actually takes to write it down? It feels like you’ve been ‘working’ on it forever when in reality, you’ve hardly begun?

Planning is and executing a sense of purpose can be time consuming, it can be overwhelming, it can be exhausting. At the same time, it can be exhilarating and joyful.

We all deal with distraction too – of work, family, the energy it takes to get life’s tasks done. Our to-do list is often longer than our day and focus on the small things keeps us from realizing the big things – our dreams and goals.

Get your dreams in writing 

Remember this is for you.  Get a sense of how you feel when you write about what you most desire. Where do you feel the excitement and does it uplift you? Where do you feel drained and tired? Your energy is a huge insight to what you most desire. Deep down, you know. Trust yourself. You do know.

There is a way to tackle what  you most desire and move them forward.

When you get your dreams in writing, it relieves the stress of thinking about them all the time, moves your dream forward and you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish when you take control of the big picture this way.

You can start by: 

Always state them in the positive:  I want to feel more confident in my work and use my abilities

What is the context?    I have to deal with ….

Are you using sensory terms:  I will feel more confident and walk talk. My voice will sound firm and authoritative.

Fulfill yourself:  I will make sure I do my own work as well as I Can

Evaluate this honestly:  what are the effects of achieving your dreams.

Make it worthwhile:  How does your dream fit into the others parts of your life?

As you are putting your dreams in writing, and as you answer the questions above, how do you feel, what you hear, and what you see.

When you accept instructions from someone else, your outcome is to provide them with their outcome.

This process is the same for them in achieving things for their own purposes.  When you have enough detail at hand to fulfill your dreams,  wait and watch what happens.

Remember Ask and receive really can work.  Believe in what you dream and the pathways will be shown to you.

Have some fun with this exercise!  And let you imagination go, as all is possible