How much time do you give yourself to reach your goal?

No one has ever developed the awareness of how long it can take before the non-physical  (idea) seed to manifest in form.   You must just guess as as much you try to put a date on it, and when you do, does it really happen?

At the time you conscioulsy state what you want and then visualise it for yourself  and realise that you are ow in possession of your goal –  this is when you have it on the first level of creation (intellectual)

It is then your abiity to plant the (idea) seed which is still non-physical into the corect place then your subconscious mind (universal intelligence) will help you to attain it.  You have then just planted the non-physical  (idea) seed.

When you get emotionally involved (that super energy) with your goal, the image and feeling will  instantly and automatically begin to align and move into reality.

The most common error people make when guessing at the time it will take to reach the goal is that they give themselves too much time!

‘Work expands to fill the time allotted for it.”  – Northcote Parkingson’s Law

The Law of Gender states that all seeds have a gestation period before they can manifest into reality.    You will most understand this when you understand the concept of just planting a seed as a ‘flower’ or an  ‘acorn’ and then watch how they will grow in the time that is correct.  Our ideas are subject to the same principle.  Just plant the idea – into the proper environment and give it the energy that is required for its healthy growth. (Positive expectations!)    Then wait patiently with perfect faith and positive expectation that the tiniest idea will grow into perfect form.

Be Patient and Have Faith – from my own experience when i know what I want it comes – maybe not as fast as I would like – but it does!