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Why Guided Mediations?

Guided meditation is an amazing place for beginners to start their journey. Meditating alone can be tricky when just starting, you may find your mind starts to wonder and you don’t get the most from your practice. 

During your guided meditation session, you may be instructed to sit comfortably on the floor or even lie down. You will be guided  through visualisations designed to help clear your mind and focus, reduce tension throughout the body, and promote stress relief. Some recordings or instructors may also make use of music or sounds to help ease your transition into deep relaxation. 

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Meditating with a guide can combat this problem and can take away some of the pressure that one can feel when just starting out. There are so many proven benefits of guided meditation. Some being: 

  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Improving mood
  • Combating depression
  • Help with drug and alcohol abuse 

Six Week Mindfulness Meditation Practice

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Mindfulness is a transformative mental state of awareness, openness and focus.  Regular practice of mindfulness will reduce stress, increase self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence and enable us to handle painful thoughts, feelings, memories and urges far more effectively.  Learn how to

  • Understanding the core principles of mindfulness
  • Learn what mindfulness is and isn’t
  • Foundational Attitude of Meditation
  • Formal vs Informal Mindfulness
  • How to use Mindfulness in both personal and professional context
  • Deepen the connection between your head, heart and intuition
  • In-depth process of personal reflection and investigation throughout.

Why a Six Week Program

Throughout this comprehensive training, you will gain a grounded understanding of the psychology that underpins mindfulness; it’s philosophical foundations, the history of mindfulness alongside a broad range of today’s most relevant approaches, styles and techniques.

After you finish this program you will deepen your own mindfulness practice at home or at work.


Chakra Balancing and Healing

soul coach soul purpose life coaching soul purpose life purpose life coaching purpose life soul purpose life coach inner wisdom guidance spiritual healing

Every area of your life is influenced by the 7 main energy Chakras in your body. This course offers you a unique way to Balance and Heal Chakras in a variety of ways to keep you and your clients in tip top condition. You will balance and restore good health to the body, relieve stress and anxiety, empower yourself and others, vitalize the physical body and bring about the development and awareness of the self-consciousness bringing mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

The amazing thing when taking this course is that you will do this work on yourself as you begin learning and practicing on others.

  • Learn to manage and harness energy efficiently.
  • Learn about the 7 main Chakras and how they work
  • Learn the relaxation, balancing frequencies and guided meditation to heal and balance the Chakras
  • Experience the amazing empowerment you receive from this healing and balancing work
  • Feel joyful, happy and healthy
  • Cope better with day to day stresses and frustrations
  • Bring good health and vitality to yourself

In order to manage your energy effectively, it’s important that you understand how it works before you can transform it. One of the best ways to access this knowledge is by understanding your energy centres or your chakras. Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras. Each chakra is associated with aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The aim of this online course is to release energetic blockages and promote the good flow of energy and to harness optimum health for you to live your life in complete health and happiness.  into every aspect of your life.

Why Heal our Chakras

Each Chakra vibrates at different light frequency from red at the Root Chakra, orange at the Sacral (naval) Chakra, yellow at the Solar Plexus Chakra, green/pink/ice blue at the Heart Chakra, blue at the Throat Chakra , purple at the Third Eye Chakra and violet at the Crown Chakra.

When all our Chakras are in balance each Chakra unites and creates a bright white light that then connects us and activates our Merkabah field. In perfect balance our energy field vibrates the highest frequency of crystal white light and nothing can enter it that might throw it off balance. In this state we are literally glowing with light and dis-ease cannot manifest into our physical bodies as it is “burnt off” if it tries to enter our energy field.

Many things can impact our energy field, our emotions particularly, when we feel disempowered for example our solar plexus area is impacted in the physical body but not only that the Solar Plexus Chakra becomes engorged with this emotional trigger and cannot feed light into that area of the body.


 Introspection Meditation and Healing

soul coach

An Exclusive Two ‐ Day Event

  • Understand how your feelings affect what comes into and out your life.
  • Apply universal principles to break free of any resistance to a more purposeful abundan tlife
  • Learn how to trust your inner wisdoms .
  • Give your self permission to have what you want.
  • Access the “hidden” support within awakening the power of the feminine.
  • Clear dis‐empowering beliefs, and get to the grooves hat have limited you to living an abundance life.
  • And More…Master all the techniques we will share with you in the program
  • We will work together to establish your life for positive change
  • Receive a free copy of  the Book “The Art Feminine Power”

All Classes are Held in the Mid North Coast NSW

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